Young Koreans Are Finding Dates Through An “Insane” New Dating Trend

Young Koreans Are Finding Dates Through An “Insane” New Dating Trend

There’s a new dating trend taking over South Korea.

TikToker Steph Ahn posted a video sharing this modern way of dating. She said that the “number one way” men and women in Korea are meeting their partners is through the “insane” method of using AirDrop to their advantage. This Apple phone feature allows users to send pictures to people who accept message requests from everyone.

I just found out the number one way people in Korea are meeting their potential partners and it’s absolutely insane. Koreans are going to a bar, turning their AirDrop on and sending their photos to every single person in that bar that has their AirDrop on.

— Steph Ahn (@stephanieahn)


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They proactively meet potential dates while they’re out drinking with their friends. After casting a wide net with their photos and Instagram handles, they wait for people to approach them.

Then, while they are drinking, they wait for people to come up to them that liked their photo and think that they look like their ideal type. In Korea, they have specific bars that are made for people specifically to meet people.

— Steph Ahn (@stephanieahn)

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In Steph Ahn’s opinion, this method of scouting for a partner may not be effective in other countries, especially the United States. It is, however, something that works well in South Korea.

I feel like in North America it is just way too unsafe, there’s so many creeps, so this would just never work. If you’re looking for a Korean boyfriend, everyone needs to go to Korea and start doing this because this is honestly genius.

— Steph Ahn (@stephanieahn)

Another TikToker replied to the original video, agreeing with her words. She emphasized the proactive nature of the receiving party who is in charge of introducing themselves to the boys or girls they find attractive.

I just saw this creator’s video and thought I’d add my two cents on the Korean dating scene. Like this creator said, there is this new way of meeting people where you just AirDrop your photos to everyone at the bar and whoever likes your photos will come find you.

— Joy (@annabellejoy11)

Finally, user @sullemee made a skit about this exact topic, further showing how prevalent it is among the youth.

Person A: What’s the new ‘hunting’ trend these days?

Person B: These days people use AirDrop. They attach their Instagram ID and their pictures, and then send them. You get to choose who you like the most from the list of people who have sent you the AirDrop.

Person C: I should make sure to keep my phone on

Would you use the AirDrop hack to find a date?

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