This viral AI-generated ‘Alice In Wonderland’ “looks like The Matrix”

This viral AI-generated ‘Alice In Wonderland’ “looks like The Matrix”

An AI-generated film trailer based on Alice In Wonderland that has proved popular online since its release has been compared to The Matrix franchise films.

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The trailer shows elements and characters from Lewis Carroll’s 1865 novel Alice’s Adventures In Wonderland as well as screen adaptations in the years since but fuses the story’s natural world fantasy elements with more futuristic sci-fi ideas.

Justin Hackney is the brains behind the AI-generated trailer, which was posted to the Facebook page AI-Generated Nonsense yesterday (November 13). It’s since gained more than 130,000 views along with hundreds of comments.

In the trailer, an actress who bears physical and vocal similarities to Florence Pugh stars as the titular Alice in a world that’s controlled by technologically advanced overlords.

One user noted how much it reminded them of The Matrix. “This looks like a mixture of The Matrix and Alice in Wonderland. I love the concept!” they wrote.

Alice in Wonderland: The Simulation Paradox

Alice in Wonderland: The Simulation Paradox AI Generated Trailer WWW.MEMEDUNGEON.COM

Posted by AI Generated Nonsense on Monday, November 13, 2023

Another user said: “The writers were worried that AI would create better stories and movies than them. Well they were right, because not one studio/writer has come up with something this interesting or daring in over a decade.”

Elsewhere, a Facebook user also praised the creation. “Okay as much as I hate AI generated stuff when it comes to its legitimacy as real art or creation, this here is something that makes sense for AI generation. Its the most fitting “story” to tell in the trippy way that AI generators interpret inputs.”

Not everyone is a fan of the trailer, though. One person commented: “Bit of an AI cliche, really. It’s all teeth and water and old design.”

Another person wrote: “Wonder if they asked Florence Pugh permission to use her likeness when they made this….”

In related news, earlier this year AI generated what it thinks South Park characters would look like in real life.

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