This K-Pop Group’s “Killing Voice” Episode Is So Legendary Fans Are Asking For A Part 2

This K-Pop Group’s “Killing Voice” Episode Is So Legendary Fans Are Asking For A Part 2

K-Pop fans are always on the lookout for content that showcases their favorite idols’ raw talents. Killing Voice, the popular singing show on Dingo Music‘s YouTube channel, has become the place for such moments.

The show, renowned for featuring live performances by skilled vocalists, allows fans to experience the unadulterated voices of their beloved artists, offering a ‘killing’ blend of healing and excitement. Esteemed acts like EXO, Taeyeon from Girls’ Generation, and IU have graced the show, leaving fans in awe of their vocal prowess.

EXO | dingo music/YouTube

However, the latest episode featuring SM Entertainment‘s prized quintet, Red Velvet, has transcended into the realms of legendary. Known for their impeccable vocal skills, the anticipation for Red Velvet’s Killing Voice challenge was astronomical — and it’s safe to say they surpassed expectations. Within mere hours of its release, the episode is on the brink of hitting 1 million views, a testament to the group’s unwavering popularity.


Red Velvet | dingo music/YouTube

yall it’s actually insane, RV’s killing voice live viewers touched 61,8k🥲

— mavis | CHILL KILL (@madvelvets) November 14, 2023

The quintet, vocally led by the extraordinary Wendy, showcased a level of vocal excellence that further solidified their status as one of K-Pop’s finest groups.


— ☼ ☾ ↟ ︎ ☆ (@seurrene_) November 14, 2023

덤덤 애드립의 축복이 끝이 없음

— Ü (@havefun_w) November 14, 2023

Irene — the group’s leader, dancer, rapper, and vocalist — surprised many and left netizens impressed by her improvement in singing ability, a remarkable feat considering her decade-long career. The internet is abuzz with snippets of their stellar performance, sparking viral trends across platforms like TheQoo and Pann Nate.

Chill Kill Irene Killing Voice Cut

— 아이린 (@BJH_Vbot) November 14, 2023

irene did so well i love her vocals so much

— 린 (@reneclips) November 14, 2023

Red Velvet sings “Psycho” on Killing Voice.

— Kpop Charts (@kchartsmaster) November 14, 2023

The episode wasn’t just a display of vocal talent but also a historic moment for Killing Voice, running over 33 minutes —the longest in the show’s history. Red Velvet performed an impressive lineup of 20 songs from their rich discography. Seulgi hinted at an even larger repertoire prepared for the show that had to be cut, unfortunately, constrained by the episode’s length.

joy: they said we’re the artist who filmed for killing voice the longest

(total time: 34 mins)

— sooj (@softjoygi) November 14, 2023


“practice is done so i’m watching [killing voice] right now”
“hah watching this makes me so proud. i’m proud”
“what we originally prepared was 40 minutes..? it came out like that 🥹🥹 it’s a bummer we couldn’t do everything ㅠㅠ”

— KSG Updates (@KSGUpdates) November 14, 2023

This extraordinary showcase has led to a clamor among fans for a second part of this epic episode. They want to see Red Velvet perform more hit B-sides and deepen the Killing Voice experience. Given the group’s extensive collection of beloved tracks, a second episode would not only be a treat for fans but also a continuation of a historic moment for the show.

korean comments are also asking a part 2 @dingo_official LISTEN TO THE PEOPLE

— knowles.🫧 (@ksgyonce) November 14, 2023

after red velvet’s 33 minutes and 53 sec killing voice, reveluvs be like “WE NEED PART 2!!!!” 🫵

— ًchae (@ksgethereal) November 14, 2023

not a single song from rbb mini… i’m sawrry but we need a killing voice part 2

— m (@ksgparks) November 14, 2023

I think we need Red Velvet Killing Voice part 2 @dingo_official

— j♡y (@heroes_twt) November 14, 2023

With their captivating vocals and charismatic presence, Red Velvet have set a new standard for what fans will expect from future Killing Voice appearances, making this episode not just legendary but the blueprint for groups planning to attend the show. Watch Red Velvet’s stellar “Killing Voice” episode here:

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