San Diego Dark Synth Pop Duo Glass Spells Debut New Single “Hechizos”

Hailing from the sun-kissed shores of San Diego, California, Glass Spells has recently emerged as a noteworthy presence in the realm of synth-pop, performing at large West Coast festivalsssuch as Darker Waves and Cruel World. The duo, consisting of Anthony Ramirez and Tania Costello, crafts their distinctive sonic identity with precision. Ramirez, the instrumentalist, employs a diverse palette of musical skills to shape their compositions. In contrast, Costello, the vocalist, contributes her commanding voice and evocative lyrical prowess; a cornerstone of the group’s artistry.

Their musical amalgamation fuses contemporary synth sensibilities with a deliberate nod to retro-inspired sounds, all underscored by an ethereal ambiance and irresistible melodic hooks. This dynamic partnership has yielded a sound that strikes an evocative balance between innovation and a wistful sense of nostalgia, garnering them an ardent and loyal following.

Their latest synthpop track, Hechizos, sung entirely in Spanish, takes an unflinching plunge into the profound and often tumultuous emotional landscape of betrayal. This musical narrative explores the raw, unvarnished emotions that stem from that piercing sting, and the journey toward catharsis and self-discovery in its aftermath.

“Writing Hechizos was like going back to my roots, it was a deeply personal process for me,” muses Costello. “It was a chance to reconnect with my first language and revisit the rock en español – songs I grew up listening to…I hope listeners find a voice for their own struggles and a reminder of their strength.”

The heart of the song pulsates with the idea of discovering one’s own unique brand of magic precisely when life’s challenges appear insurmountable. It encapsulates a pivotal moment of personal empowerment, a realization that the individuals who once held the power to inflict pain and harm no longer wield that influence over one’s life.

This narrative threads through the music, as resonant as it is relatable; inviting listeners to traverse the emotional terrain of hurt, transformation, and ultimate triumph. Glass Spells weaves together these potent emotions, creating an emotional refuge and a rallying cry for those who have experienced the profound depths of perfidy…and emerged stronger on the other side.

“I wanted to give the music for Hechizos a Mexican synth pop feel to it,” adds Ramirez. “Writing the dancey bass line and beat. Then adding a  flavorful lead melody and layers of synths for the sound that I wanted to achieve. Once all together it gave it a complete sound. The music and vocals fit perfectly.”

Hechizos is out now via Negative Gain. Listen below:

Hechizos by Glass Spells

Glass Spells will be playing in California this month, culminating in a performance with Orchestral Manoeuvres In The Dark. Dates are below:

Nov 16th San Diego – Corazon Del Barrio
Nov 18th Darker Waves Fest
Nov 19th House of Blues Anaheim (with OMD)

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