‘Modern Warfare 3’ mission list: all levels and ‘MW3’ campaign length

‘Modern Warfare 3’ mission list: all levels and ‘MW3’ campaign length

Modern Warfare 3‘s campaign shakes up the status quo for Call of Duty, mixing the standard linear missions with new open combat missions. These open combat missions let you loose in a wider sandbox, in which you can complete objectives in any order. If you’ve recently started the Modern Warfare 3 campaign and want to know how far through you are, then our Modern Warfare 3 mission list will come in handy.

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In this guide, we’ll break down the full Modern Warfare 3 mission list, so that you can see every campaign level in order. We’ll also make clear which missions are linear and which are open combat, so that you can see how many of each level type you have remaining.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 (2023). Credit: Activision Blizzard.

‘Modern Warfare 3’ mission list

There are 15 missions in Modern Warfare 3‘s campaign. Below, you’ll find the full Modern Warfare 3 mission list:

Operation 627 (linear)
Precious Cargo (open combat)

Reactor (open combat)
Payload (linear)
Deep Cover (linear)
Passenger (linear)
Crash Site (open combat)
Flashpoint (linear)
Oligarch (open combat)
Highrise (open combat)
Frozen Tundra (linear)
Gora Dam (open combat)
Danger Close (linear)
Trojan Horse (linear)
Countdown (linear)

‘Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’ Credit: Activision

‘Modern Warfare 3’ campaign length

We found that Modern Warfare 3‘s campaign could be completed in three to six hours. The shorter of these playtimes is based on the easier and normal difficulties in MW3, and assumes that you are just ticking off objectives without too much exploring in its open combat missions.

If you take your time to explore, or play on veteran difficulty, then your playtime could stretch to five or six hours. Completing open combat missions also grants new weapon unlocks, and you can use these unlocks to change your loadout and attempt the missions again in new ways.

That wraps up our Modern Warfare 3 mission list. While it isn’t the best campaign in CoD history, completing MW3‘s story will net you some rewards for multiplayer. If you’re planning to hop online, make sure to check out our Modern Warfare 3 MCW loadout and Modern Warfare 3 Striker loadout. For a wider look at the current meta, take a look at our list of Modern Warfare 3‘s best weapons.

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