Milan Experimental Outfit LASAEL Debut the Lynchian Nightmare of Their Video for “Normal Bunny”

Milan Experimental Outfit LASAEL Debut the Lynchian Nightmare of Their Video for “Normal Bunny”

In the labyrinthine streets of Milan, a new sound has been emanating, an enigmatic alchemy concocted by the experimental quartet known as Lasael. Formed in the somber aether of 2021, this ensemble brings together a fusion of talents: the formidable vocals and lyricism of Jesse Perret, the guitar mastery of Stefano Lattanzio, the dual command of drums and synths by Luca Brunelli, and the later addition of Andrea Palmas on bass.

LASAEL isn’t just about the emotional response from the music; their artistry involves a full-sensory experience. They’re painting a complex picture with their sounds and sights, blending disorienting online videos and ritualistic storytelling into a spectral visual feast that screams twenty-first-century aesthetic. Their influences are a diverse mix, echoing the likes of Swans, The Birthday Party, Ministry, Skinny Puppy, and even a sprinkle of Lou Reed’s genius.

Their latest track, “Normal Bunny,” introduces a touch of Angelo Badalamenti to their sonic repertoire, infusing a bluesy refrain that sporadically reveals a Pandora’s box of inner turmoil. It momentarily soothes the listener before jolting them with its powerful emotional outbursts. The accompanying video, a nightmarish visual creation filmed and directed by LASAEL and Nicholas Celano, comprises a series of vignettes punctuated by a strobe effect (a precautionary note for those with epilepsy).

Normal Bunny is a song that might sound like a sort of cinematic ballad, which differs from the other tracks of Foghorn in terms of composing structure,” says the band. “At the same time it display a whole soundscape including all the different approaches we are presenting on the EP, from the noisy tunes to the slow and phantasmagoric moments.”

Watch the video for “Normal Bunny” below:

LASAELs artistic mission transcends conventional boundaries, aiming to establish a profound connection between the realms of visual and auditory expression, employing both contemporary and timeless mediums. The raw resonance of jarring guitar riffs, relentless drum patterns, and impassioned vocals characterizes their sonic palatte. Within this spectrum, Lasael navigates the expansive terrain that lies between the hallowed traditions of American folk music, the avant-garde of industrial and post-punk, and the unapologetic cacophony of early 2000s noise rock.

“Normal Bunny” is on LASAEL’s upcoming album Foghorn, out on the 8th of December 2023 via Ramber Records on digital, streaming, and cassette tape.

You can pre-order the album here.

Foghorn by LASAEL

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