Listen to the Old School Post-Punk Sound of COEVAL’s Latest Single “Sense Memory”

Listen to the Old School Post-Punk Sound of COEVAL’s Latest Single “Sense Memory”

“Sense Memory,” the latest single from COEVAL’s forthcoming eponymous debut album, resonates with a distinct and captivating old-school character that sets it apart in the contemporary music landscape. This track emerges following the impactful release of their first single, “Trauma Bonding,” and instantly asserts its presence with a uniquely atmospheric and emotive sound. It’s a fusion of nostalgia and an unspoken manifesto to defy trends, blending echoes of past musical eras with an unconventional approach. The single also serves as a bold statement of intent from the band, showcasing their ability to weave intricate musical threads into a tapestry that is both haunting and evocative, setting the stage for an album that promises to be a journey through a myriad of emotional landscapes.

The song begins with an unyielding percussion that harks back to the era of traditional clockwork drum machines, yet with an unmistakable modern twist. This erratic, pulsating rhythm sets the tone for the entire track, reflecting the song’s core message of longing and frustration. Its beat tells a story, one of disarray and passionate desire, augmented by a haunting, droning voice that effortlessly glides above dissonant guitar melodies, evoking echoes of legendary acts like Sonic Youth, Pixies, and The Blitz.

It’s crucial to emphasize that “Sense Memory” is not just an anthem of nihilism. The song, expertly crafted by COEVAL, evokes emotions that appear to spring from a realm beyond everyday experiences. Through skillful navigation of despondent landscapes, it reveals a nuanced and complex journey. Remarkably, the song’s narrative finds an unusual yet profound value in the depths of genuine emptiness, offering listeners a contemplative experience that uncovers deep meaning within the void.

Listen to “Sense Memory” below:


COEVAL’s self-titled debut album contains nine tracks that showcase a moody and forceful musicality, transitioning between intense moments, slow and steady rhythms, labored breathing, and experimental sounds. The compositions shift between moments of martial strength and gentle vulnerability, reflecting the band’s collective experiences in a vivid portrayal of their lives.

It’s worth noting that all tracks were captured live, with the group playing as a cohesive unit, much like they would on stage. This communal energy flows throughout the entire album, with each member drawing inspiration from one another, creating a sense of camaraderie that shines through in the music.

The LP was recorded in one week in winter 2021, with Paulie Jan on production.

Coeval’s debut will be released via Le Turc Mécanique on the 1st of December 2023. The band will be playing live at The Shacklewell Arms in London on 8th December, to celebrate the launch of their debut.

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