Lee Soo Man’s Original Lyrics For aespa’s “Drama” Delayed Their Comeback

Lee Soo Man’s Original Lyrics For aespa’s “Drama” Delayed Their Comeback

Aespa recently made their comeback with their fourth mini-album, Drama, and are currently promoting their title track of the same name.

(From left:) aespa’s Giselle, NingNing, Karina, and Winter | @kpop_sbs/Twitter

Drama is the second mini-album aespa released this year, following the success of their mini-album My World, released in May.

Amid their comeback preparations in May, fans expressed concerns for the group as SM Entertainment was undergoing an internal reconfiguration that saw “SM 3.0” come to life.

aespa promoting “Spicy” on “Inkigayo” | @sbsnoriter/Twitter

SM 3.0 was a plan initiated for the company’s artists to have more independence and established a multi-production center, which divided the artists into five centers to diversify their management.

aespa was added to Center One with labelmates Kangta, BoA, and Girls’ Generation.

An example of SM Entertainment’s “SM 3.0” plan

Winter assured fans during their “Spicy” promotions that the company changes hadn’t affected the members or their comeback, promising that the group’s main focus has always been on the music they present to fans.

The new system at the company hasn’t affected us directly yet, but we do feel like now that we have a team especially there for us… We are always the same and we’re always thinking about our next music.

— aespa’s Winter

aespa’s Winter | @imwinter/Twitter

Winter’s reassurance circulated amid claims from SM Entertainment’s former co-CEO, Lee Sung Soo, that the company’s founder, Lee Soo Man, had caused aespa’s planned comeback at the beginning of the year to be delayed due to the members becoming upset with Lee Soo Man’s plans to incorporate themes of “planting trees” and “sustainability” into their song’s lyrics.

Lee Sung Soo claimed that the lyrics drove the aespa members to tears, causing the delay in their comeback as changes were made to the song.

Lee Sung Soo | The Korea Herald

Recently, the aespa members revealed that they were supposed to release “Drama” instead of “Spicy” in early 2023 and had been working on the song for the past year.

An industry insider reported to The Fact News, a media outlet in Korea, that “Drama” was the song that Lee Soo Man attempted to make about sustainability, with lyrics that had initially upset the aespa members.

According to the insider, the melody, lyrics, and arrangement were completely redone, causing the song’s promotions to be delayed and for “Spicy” to be promoted instead.

aespa’s “Drama” concept photo | @aespa_official/Twitter

The song was completely reworked and was officially released on November 10 without the lyrics about sustainability.

Netizens couldn’t help but share their relief that the song’s lyrics were changed, again reacting to the unexpected nature of the song’s original lyrics.

So drama was supposed to be that song?? Oh my god… pic.twitter.com/U37s3P3RFl

— سيري (@CiriFor) November 13, 2023

aespa made it better thank god they changed it

— ໊ (@SPICEPHORIC) November 13, 2023

thank Lee soo man left

— kyle | DRAMA (@outoftimekk) November 13, 2023

Those lyrics don’t represent aespa at all lmao

— 𝖆𝖓𝖉𝖗𝖊𝖜🤎 (@myaerisupremacy) November 13, 2023

While netizens are relieved that aespa’s feedback was taken into account and changes were made, they continue to be frustrated with their company’s styling for the members.

After spotting a dangerous styling error recently, fans voiced their concerns.

Check out more on that in the article below:

Netizens Express Outrage After aespa’s Karina Discovers Needle On Her Stage Outfit

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