Invincible: The Chiraq Grim Reaper, Lil Reese Edition

What up gang.

Back with the real you know what’s the deal. Today we’re going to tell a tale of the mythical creature, the Chiraq savage who feeds on the souls of his opps, the man that beats death because he is death. I’m talking bout the one and only Chiraq Grim Reaper, the invincible Lil Reese (0:04-0:11) (0:00-0:05) (1:13-1:20) (0:05-0:12) (0:58-1:10)

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The only man who sets the timer on an opps life by mentioning them in a tweet. The man who gets shot in the neck, still gets out his car and saves himself. The man who lost his voice, got it back, and now may be blind in one eye after coming in contact with a bullet. Reese is a Chiraq legend that has earned his name as the Grim Reaper. Today, we’re going to learn why he’s so feared and how he continues to cheat death with impossible odds against him.

Lil Reese came up in the Southside Chicago at the infamous Calument projects in the Calument Buildings opposite to O Block where his father was from (1:10-1:24)

He would move to Lamron/300 area from where his mother is from, where he has been since (3:10-3:24) The street is home to many popular Chicago rappers as we’d soon see and its name comes from original street name, Normal, spelt backwards. 

Reece was respected in the streets from a kid given his affiliations to the Black Disciples. In fact, since the age of 5 he was already throwing up banging the set (1:42-1:46)

To outsiders this would be grounds to call the Child Protective Services (CPS), but in the projects of Chicago this was a regular occurrence. It’s a cycle that passes on the mentality from one generation to the next (0:40-0:50) Reese just happens to have been deeper in it than most kids given his family’s background in the streets (1:46-1:58) Together with his mother and father, he has upwards of 8 siblings.

Reese would link up with many of the other artists that we know now from way back in the day. Chief Keef, King Von, the late Fredo Santana, all young gang bangers being taught by the streets (:02-5:20)

Reese would drift further into the street life

being kicked out of school at the 11th grade, but it also shed a positive light on his future. He would begin his journey as a rapper (2:40-2:46) As early as 2010, Reese would be one of the pioneers of the drill wave along with Keef and Lil Durk. Tracks like “L’s Bitch” with Durk and his popular track “Us” had Reese climbing the ladder to the top of the music industry. But amid his new surge of popularity was also the law enforcement ready to get their hands on the Chiraq savage, and that’s exactly how it went down. In 2010 Reese would find himself in cuffs on burglary charges to which he would plead guilty and receive two years of probation.

That would be what got Reese back focused on music and he would go on to drop a couple bangers, including his Chief Keef assisted smash hit “Don’t Like” The track took Reese to another level and he got the attention of the big players in the industry. It would be Def Jam that would sign the Chiraq spitter marking the start of a new era for Reese Reese’s homie Lil Durk also happened to get a deal with Def Jam

Seemed all was going well for the kids that grew up around violence and Reese was appreciative to be blessed enough to make it out

Reese was blowing up faster than he could keep up, even snagging the two up and coming heavy weights Rick Ross and Drake for the remix of his track “Us” It was almost sometimes too much for the young savage, coming from the streets to having to set schedules and keep up the business of the entertainment life, but somehow him, Keef and Durk made it work (4:19-4:60) 

As he rose higher so did the target on his back. It’s not like he stepped away from the streets of Chiraq so his opps was still lurking. One opp would create the legend, The Grim Reaper, after crossing paths with Reese. Lil Jojo a GD that was also coming up in the rap game and connected in the streets. 

First, he was on Durk’s neck, 

then Chief Keef, 

but his mistake was going after Reese’s homies and bringing up his name as well

Jojo was playing with fire and getting closer and closer to being burned. Pulling up on Reese in traffic and on the street, pushing The Grim Reaper over the edge Reese made him a promise “Imma kill you” and was certain on keeping his word. Jojo would dodge death once when Reese came for him

But once the Grim Reaper sends that “lol” tweet, it’s curtains, and trust, the rest was history. The tale of The Grim Reaper was born as Lil Jojo was no more 

From then, it was as if a demon was born. DJ Akademiks would boost his Grim Reaper status saying “his mentions on twitter look like an obituary, because every person mentioned by Reese turns up dead.” Reese would solidify his cryptic lifestyle by getting a tattoo of the grim reaper along his arm, making his status as death official.

His notoriety in the streets was increasing alongside his music career but being a rapper and a trapper never really mix. The Grim Reaper would again be in the hands of the law on April 28th 2013 when an officer found him sleeping in a car at 4 am. The officer would run his name in the system and realize he had a warrant out for his arrest for charges connected to criminal trespass and mob action and battery. 

This stemmed from a situation that happened in February 2012 where Reese laid the beats down on a woman that was trying to get the rapper and his band of merry gangsters from her crib He would soon be back out on the streets after posting his $100,000 bond. Reese would later show his growth in character by issuing an apology on the situation

The victim would also give her account of the situation, with some choice words for the Grim Reaper

Reese was back to out and living the high life with his raising fame, but no matter how much money seemed to come his way, the habits of the hood was engraved into the Chiraq savage. Just about 2 months later, Reese would again be apprehended by the law when his purchase of a 2006 BMW 750 Li proved to be fraudulent. Cops would arrest the rapper on the 10100 block of S. Halsted on misdemeanor theft when they caught on that the documentation provided upon purchase was falsified. 

His bail was set at $5,000 which he quickly paid to secure his place back on the outside. 

Even with a bright future ahead of him, his mentality was getting him caught up and costing him opportunities, but it takes a dedicated focus to break the habits of the past. Reese would continue to struggle with his success, finding himself behind bars yet again just a month later in the 6400 block of South Eggleston Avenue area for violating his bail bond and possession of cannabis. Police on patrol for ongoing gang conflicts in the area spotted Reese with a group of gang members. They realized Reese spotting them and walking away down an alley as they tried to approach. They would see Reese remove a plastic sandwich bag from his left pocket with what looked like crushed green plant material and upon searching him found it to be cannabis. Cops would also find and question him about $2,090 cash but the Grim Reaper didn’t give a damn. Police reports claim his statements were “It’s mine, I got a little weed. So what?”  “There’s serious crime out there. This ain’t a big deal. I’m gangster,” the report said.

He would be back out yet again after posting $10,000 bail and this time he would be on his music flow. He would drop the mixtape, Super Savage, that featured fellow artists like Fredo Santana, Lil Durk, Chief Keef, Wacka Flocka, and Wale

His freedom unfortunately wouldn’t last long after having a run in with law enforcement just about a 1-year later when he was caught with the strap by Illinois authorities on July 28th 2014. Reese would be held overnight at Cook County jail and charged with felony possession of a firearm. Wouldn’t be long before he posted his 50K bail to be back on the outside. In 2015 a Cook County judge would have his gun possession charge acquitted in a bench trial. Maybe because Reese proved his story, that the cop planted it on him (0:14-0:37)

It’s also important to note that the guy who sold Reese the gun, Jonathan Smalley was later held and given 5 ½ years for purchasing weapons from a licensed firearm dealer in Natchez, Mississippi to bring back to Chicago

By this time Reese had been a frequent resident of the jail cell and while he would be able to focus on music a bit more. He was arrested by Illinois State Police at a traffic stop in 2016 and held on indirect criminal contempt charges without bail. 

The law was trying their best to get this man got but again, Reese was back out within a couple days of his arrest

Unfortunately that last time was one time too much. Somewhere between the many arrests, The Chiraq Grim Reaper lost his label deal when Def Jam dropped him. However, he would reveal the true reason in a later interview with Akademiks. Turns out, the Chiraq Savage fought to be off the label and not kicked out, after a gun dispute in the studio with his label where he cost Def Jam upwards of 50K (1:40-2:20) According to Reese this worked out in his favor because independently he was making more bank than on the label and prefers the indie route (3:16-3:33)

While Reese was applying what he learnt from the industry to continue success as an independent artist, the feds was eyeing the rapper and the next arrest looked like the one to do the Grim Reaper in. On May 2018, Chicago police working on a joint FBI task force served a search warrant at Reese’s South Loop apartment in the 1300 block of South Wabash Avenue and recovered nearly $2,200 worth of cannabis, a digital scale and a bundle of cash. In an interview Reese shed some new light on the case, saying they actually took 100K from his apartment and never gave it back, but the case was eventually thrown out or beaten (0:55-1:14)

Things would only seem to get tougher for the Chicago legend, but life would soon understand that he wasn’t a push over and only grew through what he went through. On January 2018, Reese would lose one of his childhood homies and older cousin of Chief Keef, Fredo Santana and it would shake up the rapper’s world. 

The grief would make him realize just how many friends he’s lost but also inspire him to go harder for them (20:24-21:20)

But you know how it goes, the more you aim to get out, the more the streets pull you back in. A rival opp, rapper Hittz079 had it out for Reese and would catch him lacking.

Him and his homies would jump the Grim Reaper in what became a viral video of the altercation 

Reese being the savage he is shook it off while still taunting his opps (1:22-1:46) 

and mocking one of them on which he got his get back on, hitting him up in his leg and leaving him on crutches

His next opponent was the now A-list snitch and fake gangster 6ix9ine 

who got on Reese’s bad side after double crossing him and dissing him along with Chief Keef after just linking prior to do a song together (7:56-8:20) Things would escalate to Chief Keef being shot at and Reese stepping into the ring with his pole ready to murk 6ix9ine on site (0:40-0:50). Luckily, the entire situation with 6ix9ine turning informant went down, granting him 24/7 security detail trying to keep him safe. Reese however may still lurking and keeping tabs to catch the rapper slipping, like he was secretly doing before (11:34-11:55)

While having it out with his many opps that would like to chase clout to say they took down the Grim Reaper, Reese was keeping the streets fed with bangers with projects like Get Bang Gang and Get Back Gang 2

Things seem to be back on the up and up for the Chiraq savage, but he was caught lacking by one of his opps at a Country Club Hills intersection on November 11th 2019 A shocking video shows the opp pull up in traffic and letting the clip go before dipping Reese was shot in the neck with a draco, but still had the will to get out of his car and hop in a strangers whip behind him to be taken to the hospital (0:55-1:13) That’s some real survivor instinct. 

The average person might have frozen up and bled out, but not the Grim Reaper. Not only did he defeat death, but he was back out of the hospital in a few days with his throat sewn up

Doctors said he would lose his voice (2:47-2:55) but Reese was still out thuggin on stages even if he couldn’t speak (14:42-14:56) Miraculously, Reese would regain his voice after a few months

The Grim Reaper was proving that the myth was real. Opps were trying but just couldn’t take out the Chiraq savage. But in 2021, the world yet again thought they got to the Reaper after a bloody video surfaced on May 15 2021 with Reese being held by cops in and out of consciousness as blood leaked from his mouth and head 

Reports then began flooding in that the rapper was beaten and shot and in critical condition. From the vid, many thought it was his last breaths as the rapper struggled to hold on.

Fans would start worrying even more after his IG page manager would post up asking for prayers for the Lamron rapper.

But foolish of us to even question The Grim Reaper’s immortality. Within a few days, he was already back assuring fans he’s good and he’s not blind or dying as reports claimed.

While the story is still unfolding, rumors are that the rapper and or his friends stole a vehicle that they were in and the owner and his father tracked the vehicle down via tracking devices and found Reese n’em.

Things are still sketchy because some reports claim Reese met up to buy the car and didn’t know it was stolen, he allegedly told the cops he went to buy weed, and then officials are saying that while Reese and his homies and the owners of the car were having it out, a shooter appeared and opened fire their way 

One thing’s for certain, Lil Reese has proven to be worthy of the name Grim Reaper, but just as it backs his immortality thus far, Grim also is the bringer of death, so opps, be warned. Reese paid a pivotal part in the Chicago drill scene and I for one want to see him and the whole of Chiraq shine. Hopefully he’d place more focus on music and get out of Chiraq, though it doesn’t look like he will ever leave the place that made him (5:24-5:42)

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