Ice Spice Is A Tattoo Artist Now, As She Gave A Fan A Cheeky Message On His Wrist

Ice Spice Is A Tattoo Artist Now, As She Gave A Fan A Cheeky Message On His Wrist

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While some hip-hop fans remain skeptical of Ice Spice’s stardom, her core fans love her more by the day. A big fan of the turn-of-the-millennium aesthetic, she gave fans something to look forward to with a cheeky photo of a very 2000s lower back tattoo teasing what might just be a new project.

Ice Spice-related tattoos seem to be the theme of the day, as another tattoo photo cropped up on social media. As it turns out, this one was posted by a tattoo artist but the ink itself was drawn by Ice Spice herself. In a video, the Bronx rapper can be heard saying, “Did my first tat, y’all,” while showing off her handiwork, a tattoo on the artist’s wrist reading “Ice was here.”

The tattoo artist, @crybabyhunter, certainly appears to be enjoying his bragging rights, posting a photo of Ice actually doing the tattoo on his Instagram.

Perhaps he’s hoping that as Ice’s star continues to rise, he’ll experience a little bit of a halo effect. The rapper was recently nominated for four Grammys for next year’s 66th annual awards ceremony, including Best New Artist, Best Rap Song and Best Song Written for Visual Media for “Barbie World” with Nicki Minaj, and Best Pop Duo or Group for “Karma” with Taylor Swift.

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