Hilarious TikTok Of Popular Girl Group Is Going Viral Among Netizens

Hilarious TikTok Of Popular Girl Group Is Going Viral Among Netizens

K-Pop fans are witnessing yet another viral sensation as Red Velvet‘s recent TikTok video is starting to take the internet by storm. The popular girl group, following the release of their third studio album Chill Kill and title track of the same name, has charmed both South Korean and international fans. The song’s widespread acclaim is reflected in its topping of various music charts, signaling yet another successful comeback for the already legendary group.

| SM Entertainment

In a strategic move that aligns well with today’s trendy promotional tactics, Red Velvet initiated a TikTok dance challenge to further engage with their audience. This challenge, centered around the album’s lead single, offers a delightful choreography that is both fun and adorable, making it a treat for fans of any K-Pop artists to watch them dance alongside the Red Velvet members.

| SM Entertainment

The series of TikToks featuring different combinations of the five Red Velvet members has been a hit, amassing millions of views and likes, a testament to the group’s enduring popularity and the members’ lovable qualities.

They even posted a collaboration with RIIZE, where Irene and Joy are accompanied by their newest SM Entertainment juniors, Anton and Sohee.


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♬ Chill Kill – Red Velvet

One particular TikTok, however, has outshined the rest, becoming a centerpiece of online conversation.

| @renebaebae/Instagram

The standout TikTok features Irene, the group’s leader, alongside members Seulgi and Joy. In an unexpected and candid clip, Seulgi and Joy surprise Irene in her makeup room, coaxing her to join the dance challenge spontaneously. Irene’s genuine reactions, marked by laughter and playful exclamations of “What’s this? What’s this?” have endeared her even more to the fans.

Netizens have praised Irene for her ability to jump into the dance flawlessly despite the surprise, showcasing her professionalism and charisma. The creative thinking by Joy and Seulgi has also been met with positive reactions, with fans praising their sense of humor and the close-knit dynamic within the group.

Irene, Seulgi and Joy Chill Kill challenge!#IRENE #아이린 #RedVelvet @RVsmtown pic.twitter.com/8nTiafTEwf

— Irene 아이린 Global (@irene_global) November 14, 2023

JOY pic.twitter.com/PjiotpBVAV

— ☼ ☾ ↟ ︎ ☆ (@seurrene_) November 14, 2023

“????? what happened?? what happened??”

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA pic.twitter.com/PzfE5PZAfn

— ☼ ☾ ↟ ︎ ☆ (@seurrene_) November 14, 2023

dragging irene in and seulgi out pic.twitter.com/1fyT4KeFfc

— t (@joyisthetics) November 14, 2023

The video’s charm and authenticity have not only endeared fans, but it’s also going viral on multiple platforms.

this is meme worthy #IRENE #JOY #Chill_Kill pic.twitter.com/RTHdtGvhuu

— renebaebae 아움 (@irene_gifs) November 14, 2023

Several tweets featuring the video are receiving thousands of interactions through likes and retweets by fans and non-fans alike. On Instagram, the clip has garnered over 2.5 million views and upwards of 250,000 likes, indicating the vast and massive support for Red Velvet this comeback.

With “Chill Kill” receiving love from all corners, the viral dance challenge — spearheaded by Irene, Seulgi, and Joy’s lighthearted antics — guarantees that the song will not only stay in the limelight but also reach new heights of popularity. It’s a brilliant blend of strategic promotion and genuine interaction that captures the essence of Red Velvet’s global appeal.

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