BTS’s RM Hits Back At “Immature” Comments During His Live Broadcast

BTS’s RM Hits Back At “Immature” Comments During His Live Broadcast

While BTS‘s RM loves chatting with fans, he is not afraid to call fans out if they think they are not being appropriate.


On November 14 (KST), RM surprised fans with a live broadcast. As expected, he chatted with ARMYs about parts of his life along with giving wide pieces of advice to fans.

Your browser does not support video.| BTS/Weverse Your browser does not support video.| BTS/Weverse 

Yet, while RM wasn’t afraid to answer comments from fans about everything and anything, it seems like there were some comments that gained his attention for the wrong reasons.

Please, can we talk- can we have some productive things? Not every talk needs to be productive but still guys, come on. Please.

— RM

Your browser does not support video.| BTS/Weverse 

If that wasn’t enough, after seeing other comments, RM seemed to want to bring up the etiquette of comments below, touching upon the messages sent by some fans.

Guys, please. Guys come on. It’s my life, tell your opinions about- I don’t know guys. I am just a singer.

— RM

Your browser does not support video.| BTS/Weverse 

When the clips were posted, ARMYs shared their anger that RM took his time out to chat with fans but was having to read “inappropriate” comments. In particular, many shared guides and advice on what to write to interact with RM in the right way.

how embarrassing are the comments for namjoon to flat out ask to be productive……..

— ree⁷ (@jkyoongs) November 14, 2023

Stop with your irrelevant comments!

— RM INDIA OFFICIAL (@RMIndiaOfficial) November 14, 2023

Namjoon is so done with the stupid comments

— ᴳᴼᴸᴰᴱᴺSUGACHEEKS⁷Holding Yoongi’s hand (@Nuttybutter16) November 14, 2023

RM’s is doing a live on Weverse please REMEMBER:

– Be respectful.
– Don’t ask him to say words or speak in English.
– Don’t ask him to sing songs.

Focus on him, his work and his upcoming projects.

— (SLOW) Kim Namjoon Source (@KNJsSource) November 14, 2023

The BTS members always enjoy chatting with fans, but many believe it will become less often if they continue seeing “inappropriate” comments.

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