ARMYs Hilariously Attempt To Cheat On Jungkook’s Quiz By Asking Another BTS Member For Help

ARMYs Hilariously Attempt To Cheat On Jungkook’s Quiz By Asking Another BTS Member For Help

ARMYs are doing anything they can to ace BTS Jungkook‘s quiz!

BTS’s Jungkook | Weverse

A recent announcement on Weverse instructed fans to answer a Q&A from Jungkook and submit answers through a Google form.

(Hello, ARMY! This is Jung Kook.)

I’ve jotted down a few questions for you. Please read and answer them.
(I have so many things I want to do with ARMY
because we haven’t met in a long time!
After racking my brain about what would bring smiles to ARMY,
I decided to make a list of questions I’ve always wanted to ask you!
I would really appreciate your honest answers!)

Then, you better have a good day.
(I hope you have a great day! I love you, ARMY!)

From. JK

— Weverse

On the form, there are all kinds of questions for fans to show their unique personalities and test their knowledge of Jungkook.

making a quiz for armys is the most jungkook thing i’ve ever see

— Ray⁷ ★ (@hobizone777) November 14, 2023

Some questions even get a little personal, such as when he asked about BTS’s group chat.

Jungkook- “what was the last thing I said in the group chat with the members?”

— ⁷ (@shy_taegi) November 14, 2023

However, a few hours later, RM suddenly went live — and ARMYs decided to use this to their advantage.

Your browser does not support video.

During the live, everything seemed normal, but in the comments, there were many attempts to cheat on Jungkook’s quiz!

This ARMY trying to cheat for JK’s quiz lolllll

— ᴮᴱSalitah Q⁷⟬⟭☻T⁷⟭⟬ (@Sq517) November 14, 2023

Many ARMYs had the same idea to ask for RM’s help, but unfortunately, he didn’t answer.

no one said I can’t ask for help

— yuki⁷ (slow) (@joon_lovebot) November 14, 2023

Only time will tell what the correct answer will be!

Your browser does not support video.

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