YG Entertainment Unveils The First BABYMONSTER Visual Image Of One Of The Members

YG Entertainment Unveils The First BABYMONSTER Visual Image Of One Of The Members

Fans have been long awaiting for BABYMONSTER‘s debut, and YG Entertainment finally unveiled photos one of the members.

Some BABYMONSTER members | YG Entertainment

Last month, in October, YG Entertainment posted on Instagram that BABYMONSTER’s debut was “coming soon.”

Many fans were curious about the debut date, and some were hesitant, leaving comments like, “coming soon = 2025” and “NOVEMBER 2030.” However, a month later YG Entertainment announced the date of the debut teaser, which was set to be released on November 27.

YG Entertainment then released “visual photo” and “visual film” of their first members. It was Chiquita, the youngest member of the group. 

Chiquita | @yg_ent_official/Instagram

Dressed in black and red street fashion, rocking orange hair, and wearing unique high-top shoes, Chiquita exuded a hip “girl crush” vibe.

| @yg_ent_official/Instagram

Chiquita especially captured attention with an aura that was different from her cute and young image from before.

A past photo of Chiquita | @babymonster_ygofficial/Instagram

The visual film also showed Chiquita looking cool and professional, exciting fans to finally see her and the rest of the BABYMONSTER members debut.

Fans couldn’t help but express their excitement for BABYMONSTER and their love for Chiquita.

| YG FAMILY/Facebook

Chiquita, born in 2009, is the youngest member and Thailand-born member. Recognized for her innate star quality and musical talents, she joined the BABYMONSTER project just three months after becoming a trainee.

BABYMONSTER is YG Entertainment’s first girl group in approximately seven years since BLACKPINK. With a multinational lineup from Korea, Thailand, Japan, and outstanding vocal, dance, rap, and visual skills, they are gaining attention as a “monster” rookie group. Billboard has selected them as an “K-Pop artist to watch,” anticipating that they will “create a new wave in the K-Pop genre.”


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