“Street Woman Fighter” Bada Lee Used To Get Scolded Because Of Her Physical Trait

“Street Woman Fighter” Bada Lee Used To Get Scolded Because Of Her Physical Trait

Street Woman Fighter 2‘s star dancer Bada Lee is known for her charisma and undeniable dance skills. However, according to the choreographer herself, she has a physical trait that makes it hard for her to dance.

Bada Lee | @badalee__/Instagram

On November 12, Bada appeared as a guest on singer Rain‘s YouTube channel, Season B Season, and talked about her experience on Street Woman Fighter 2.

Your browser does not support video.Rain and Bada | Season B Season/YouTube 

During the interview, Bada mentioned Rain’s height because he is known for being tall. According to his Namuwiki profile, he is 185 cm, or 6 ft tall. She asked him if he, too, had to put in twice the effort because of his tall height.

Rain | @rain_oppa/Instagram

In response, Rain empathized and agreed that it was hard for him to be quick while dancing because of his height.

If you’re tall, it’s so hard to dance or be quick.

— Rain

Season B Season/YouTube 

Bada and Rain both admitted that they used to hate being tall when they were younger.

It was so hard, and I used to think, ‘Why do I have to be so tall?’

— Bada

Bada is known to be 175 cm, or 5 ft 7 in tall.

Bada | @badalee__/Instagram

Rain also shared a specific incident during an audition, where he was criticized and even discouraged from pursuing his dream because of his height.

When I waas doing an audition, there was this incident where someone said, ‘Hey, why are you so tall? Your size doesn’t suit television, so just join a group or something.’ So I did form a group and it failed.

— Rain

Season B Season/YouTube 

Before Rain’s successful solo debut, he debuted as a member of the idol group Fanclub, which debuted in 1998 and disbanded the following year.

Members of Fanclub

Rain and Bada’s discussion about their shared trait continued as Bada confessed that she was scolded while dancing in the past because of her height.

I was scolded a lot when I was young. I looked very stiff, and when I was already doing the ‘down’ move, but they told me to do the ‘down’ move… Telling me bend more.

— Bada

Season B Season/YouTube 

Bada impressed audiences as the powerful leader of her dance group BEBE in Street Woman Fighter 2, and she is the choreographer of the famous “Smoke Challenge” dance trend.

Check out the episode with Bada and Rain.

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