Freedom of the night lives in us
The freedom of the night is within us
Freedom of the night lives in us

The Serbian-born, New York City-based artist, Facets (who also runs Samo Records), just released his Breakable EP on the underground label, Optimo Music. Facets’ productions often blend genres between new beat, EBM and 80s dance with defiant club-ready kicks alongside memorable grooves—and Breakable is no different. There’s hints of off-kilter mutant disco, akin to Mick Wills‘ or Alessandro Adriani‘s most distorted beats, alongside tough arpeggiated basslines.

Optimo’s boss, JD Twitch, writes: “EBM has become a much abused term in recent times but here are some tracks exploring that EBM DNA where the creator 100% knows that history and what they are doing. Taking that knowledge and bringing that sound right up to date.”

“Noc,” Breakable‘s lead track, holds a sensual mystique with ghostly vocals from Marija Kovacević and lyrics by Jesus Martinez. Her Serbo-Croatian-speaking voice is haunting overtop the track’s piercing, sinewy bassline that’s set to a stern dance tempo. Embodying the charisma of Krishna Goineau (Liaisons Dangereuses) or the sexiness of Chris & Cosey, “Noc” clutches onto the romance of the night and the possibilities it can bring.

Listen below:

Breakable by Facets

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