Netizens Express Outrage After aespa’s Karina Discovers Needle On Her Stage Outfit

Netizens Express Outrage After aespa’s Karina Discovers Needle On Her Stage Outfit

aespa recently made their comeback with their fourth mini-album, Drama, which was released on November 10.

With their new release, the four members showed MYs (aespa’s fandom) a new style and new side of themselves as idols that “bring the drama.” While netizens love the new music, outfits, and content, many are upset to see the group’s stylists continuing to make potentially dangerous errors when it comes to the aespa members.

(From left:) aespa’s Giselle, NingNing, Winter, and Karina | @aespa_official/Twitter

aespa’s stylists have repeatedly caught flack for the fashion choices and errors they’ve made for the members, with netizens noticing that many of the more “dangerous” fashion errors happened to aespa’s leader Karina.

From wearing outfits that scrapped the ground, creating tripping hazards, to wearing mismatched shoes and boots with the sole falling off, and more, MYs are consistently demanding better care for the aespa members.


aespa stylist had Karina wore outfits that’ve been putting her into danger NUMEROUS time. Please improve the styling on Karina. We do not want anything to happen to her.


— KARINA VIETNAM ♡ (@CherishKarinaVN) August 12, 2023

With their current “Drama” promotions, netizens have already spotted a wardrobe error that could have ended with dangerous results.

For aespa’s Inkigayo appearance on November 12, the members were dressed in coordinated leather and denim outfits.

While Karina waved to fans between filming, she noticed that a sewing needle was sticking out of her arm warmers.

Karina luckily noticed the needle before accidentally poking herself with it and swiftly removed it while talking to fellow member Giselle, seemingly about what she found.

There’s needles on Karina clothes and she had to found it out herself on the stage……………#KARINA #카리나 #カリナ #aespa #에스파 #エスパ

— KARINA GLOBAL UNION (@KRNGlobalUnion) November 13, 2023

Netizens are expressing their outrage at the continued issues aespa face with their styling, and continue to call on SM Entertainment to take better of the group.

Others question why the dangerous styling mistakes continue to happen to Karina.

From giving Karina broken shoes to mismatched shoes to putting her in hazardous outfits she can trip on and now a needle in her dress,how can a company and stylists be so incompetent and hateful

— (@Galaxy_0411) November 13, 2023

i did a slowmo of the vid and it really looks like a needle otherwise it wont stand & wont shine like that. karina even told giselle about it when she was about to pull it in the end

how can your stylist be so negligent and left a needle on your artist outfit @SMTOWNGLOBAL

— Sunshine (@sunshine_080507) November 13, 2023

that’s a needle on karina’s outfit and she herself found it on the stage?? wtf that’s so dangerous just how fucking careless aespa’s team is

— esa (@jensoocrumbs_e) November 13, 2023

Why is there a fking needle on Karina’s fit,what if she got hurt while dancing?what do the staffs have against her exactly?This is not the first time Karina has been put in danger with her outfits why is SM just so incompetent

— (@Galaxy_0411) November 13, 2023

Check out additional reasons for MYs’ outrage with SM Entertainment in the article below:

Aespa Fans Call SM Entertainment Out For Dangerous Styling, Alleged Favoritism, And More

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