Gusto Lemiert Shows Off On New Song “Ms. Pretty” With Roadrunner TB

Gusto Lemiert Shows Off On New Song “Ms. Pretty” With Roadrunner TB

Los Angeles native and rapper, Gusto Lemiert (@gustolemiert), makes a bold statement with the release of his latest single, “Ms. Pretty.” This track features his label mate, Roadrunner TB, adding an extra layer of talent to the mix. Gusto’s signature smooth sound is a direct reflection of his roots. He describes it as a fusion of the gentle California breeze intertwined with the contemporary grind and hustle, infused with a new-age trap lingo. 

“I’d say my sound is the embodiment of the California lifestyle meeting the modern era of ambition and tenacity,” Gusto explains. Although he now resides in Cincinnati, Ohio, he remains deeply connected to his LA origins, a connection clearly evident in his music’s sound and lyrical delivery. 

Even his name, Gusto Lemiert, pays homage to his hometown. “My name originates from Leimert Park, where I spent my early life with my friends. ‘Gusto’ was a nickname I earned because I’ve always gone all out in everything I do,” he reveals. 

Gusto’s passion for music has been a lifelong journey. He started crafting beats and producing music at the age of ten, ultimately discovering his voice as an artist. Drawing inspiration from timeless classics, Gusto strives to provide his fans with a similar sense of nostalgia and timeless quality through his music. 

“I’m inspired by timeless music that does not expire with likes and or waves,” he says. “It has a message, it could be love or making money but it has to have a message. That to me is my inspiration.”

With his artistry, Gusto aspires to offer fans a relatable soundtrack for the various phases of life. Connect with Gusto on social media, where you can find him at @gustolemiert, and immerse yourself in the captivating sounds of “Ms. Pretty” through streaming platforms.

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