Esports Player Can Only Think About Meeting NewJeans Even In The Middle Of A Match

Esports Player Can Only Think About Meeting NewJeans Even In The Middle Of A Match

Recently, NewJeans gained much attention after a popular T1 esports player, Keria, shouted the group’s name during the 2023 Worlds.

T1 Keria screaming “COME HERE, JDG. COME HERE, NEWJEANS.” after eliminating JDG even while on stage he’s thinking about meeting newjeans at the Grand Final, he’s such a tokki

— rosie (@gucciphamkr) November 12, 2023

NewJeans, come here!

And it also turns out that the members watched the game and heard his shout out!

Hanni and Minji conversation. | Phoning

Hanni: NewJeans, come out!

Minji: NewJeans has appeared! NewJeans come out! I feel like he said it genuinely.

Hanni: Hurry up and come out!

Minji: I feel like he really said it genuinely.

Hanni: Hurry and come out! Lolol.

Minji: We’re also working hard preparing for our stage!

Hanni: Yes, of course we are! I think I’m going to have to prepare something really cool for our performances!

Netizens couldn’t help but smile at their cute responses and hoped Keria would win the tournament after receiving support from the girls!

Netizen comments | theqoo “Minseok let’s win this!” “Minseok is probably really happy right now!” “How cute lolol” “This conversation is from the fan platform app Phoning, owned by ADOR.” “Both NewJeans and Keria are so funny and cute. Now that he’s received their support, let’s win this!” “Wow, they responded to him? He must be so happy!” “Hanni’s so freaking adorable.”

He also previously danced to “OMG,” proving he was a true fan!

“I will definitely beat JDG and go to Finals to watch New Jeans” – 𝗞𝗲𝗿𝗶𝗮 #T1WIN #WORLDS2023

— LoL Funzy (@lolfunzy) November 9, 2023

We also can’t forget about him dancing to “Hype Boy” either!

T1 Keria dancing to Newjeans’ Hypeboy at T1 Con 221231 @T1LoL @T1Keria @NewJeans_ADOR #케리아 #뉴진스

— ky (@keriyusi) November 8, 2023

As well as him singing “Ditto” at Karaoke!

T1 Keria singing NewJeans’ Ditto in noraebang #케리아 #뉴진스 @t1keria

— ky (@keriyusi) November 8, 2023

“I vowed to beat JDG and go to the finals to see NewJeans,” T1 Keria via Sports Seoul.#NewJeans #뉴진스 #Worlds2023

— NewJeansPromo (@newjeanspromo) November 7, 2023

On the other hand, NewJeans is set to perform at the 2023 League of Legends World Championship Opening Ceremony at Gocheok Sky Dome on November 19!

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