DJ Akademiks Says Diddy Might Have Been Lining Him Up For The Fade

DJ Akademiks Says Diddy Might Have Been Lining Him Up For The Fade

Source: DJ Akademiks / DJ Akademiks

Is Diddy trying to snuff out DJ Akademiks? We highly doubt it, but Akademiks feels like the man who dubbed himself “Brother Love” is looking to put the love on him something serious.

On Sunday (Nov. 12), DJ Akademiks livestreamed a story in which he revealed that Diddy invited AK to party with him while he was over in London, but the controversial DJ thought twice about accepting the personal invitation as he felt it was a “set up” and he’d never make it back to the states alive. Saying “Yo, real talk, I think Diddy tried to line me on some Tupac sh*t. Like yo, real talk. I think Diddy tried to ‘Pac me. This sh*t was crazy.”

We reiterate that we highly doubt Diddy would risk doing anything that would run afoul with the law these days given that many are speculating that Kefee D is giving the feds his version of how Diddy was involved in the murder of Tupac Shakur, but Akademiks feels like he may be in Diddy’s crosshairs thanks to his drama with Saucy Santana and Yung Miami. Knowing how ridiculous things have the potential to get, Akademiks went into how he thought things could go left had he met up with Diddy.

“What’s really gon’ happen is this: I’m gonna show up, and all of a sudden out of the Sprinter that Diddy is in, you want me to flex the little batty fish like Saucy Santana jumping out, just moving wacky on me. Like yo, just twerking in front of my face or some dumb shit like that. Like, come on bruv. Or, I’ma pull up thinking we bout to pop some Cîroc and DeLeon. I’m thinking, ‘This about to be sweet.’ All of a sudden, I’ma see that Yung Miami, that ratchet shit coming at me. Like yo, so no win situation.”

After going into the possibly outcomes of what could’ve happened, AK ultimately decided to play it safe and keep to himself while out in the UK saying “Nah, I ain’t go to no party. Hell nah. I thought it was a set-up, to keep it real. I swear I was like, I think he invited me, that little fish. Saucy was gonna hop on and I’m about to tell people, ‘Yo, smoke that bitch.’”

Saucy got shooters in across the pond?! We don’t know, but what we do know is that Saucy Santana got DJ Akademiks shedding tears and paranoid as hell these days. Hip-Hop in 2023, b.

What do y’all think of DJ Akademiks turning down Diddy’s invite to party? Was he smart to do so, or is he just plain ol’ paranoid? Let us know in the comments section below.

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