Busta Rhymes got sentimental at London afterparty for ‘The Final Lap’ tour

Busta Rhymes got sentimental at London afterparty for ‘The Final Lap’ tour
Busta Rhymes has spoken out to reflect on touring the world with 50 Cent on the recent ‘The Final Lap’ tour.

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This weekend (November 11), the two New York rap legends performed for a sold-out crowd at the The O2 in London as a part of their UK leg of the tour. After the show, there was an afterparty at Flipper’s World London where Rhymes gave a retrospective speech about his experience on tour.

“When you come to some of your favourite places and you ain’t been there for a long time, you get a little nervous when you pull up,” the Brooklynite said .”It’s like, ‘Damn, I know the last time that I was out this motherfucker the energy was great’. But, you know a lot of shit has transpired since the last time a n**** was here”

He continued to explain his fear of being forgotten: “Sometimes the music changes, sometimes n****s get their new favourite artists, but it’s beautiful when you get to pull up and it just seems like it’s even better than just picking up from where you left off.”

(L-R) Spliff Starr and Busta Rhymes. Credit: Flipper’s London / James Bridle

Busta Rhymes continued to tell the audience about how successful ‘The Final Lap’ tour has been with 50 and [R&B singer] Jeremih, explaining how they cultivated a loving environment: “The kind of camaraderie we got amongst each other as friends, as artists, this is real friendship here.

“I’ve been on tours and watched a lot of funny energy and funny ego n****s, and n****s walk around [not] speak to each other; the vibe be fucked up. We gotta get the money so we not on beef but I’m just glad that we in this beautiful place in our life, man.”

In general, the Flipmode leader said that he’s “not learning as [he’s] going along anymore,” saying he’s no longer a student like “Daniel-san” – referring to the 1984 film The Karate Kid – but more like his teacher Mr Miyagi.

“We on our Mr Miyagi shit now,” he confirmed. “We the senseis now. We the masters of our shit.”

Rhymes did a short performance of some of his biggest hits with his hypeman, Spliff Star, including ‘Pass The Courvoisier Part 2’, his verse on Chris Brown‘s Grammy-nominated song ‘Look At Me Now’, and ‘I Know What You Want’. He also said, “Free Young Thug, man,” before playing his latest single ‘Okay’ – which featured the Atlanta rapper and was released last Friday (November 10).

50 Cent also performed a medley of tracks such as ‘Many Men’, ‘In Da Club’ and more before inviting Jeremih on stage to perform his 2009 hit ‘Birthday Sex’ and their collaboration ‘Down On Me’.

In other news, Busta Rhymes’ 11th album ‘Blockbusta’ will be out this Friday (November 17). The album has been executively produced by Swizz Beatz, Pharrell, Timbaland and Rhymes himself.

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