After New Girlfriend Debut, Senator Tim Scott Ends Presidential Campaign Abruptly

After New Girlfriend Debut, Senator Tim Scott Ends Presidential Campaign Abruptly

Source: The Washington Post / Getty

Senator Tim Scott announced that he would be ending his campaign to be the Republican presidential nominee over the weekend, surprising many.

Republican Senator Tim Scott appeared on Fox News for an interview with former GOP politician and friend Trey Gowdy on Sunday (November 12) “I love America more today than I did on May 22. But when I go back to Iowa, it will not be as a presidential candidate. I am suspending my campaign,” he said while taking part in the interview from his home. “I think the voters, who are the most remarkable people on the planet, have been really clear that they’re telling me, ‘Not now, Tim,’” Scott continued. “I don’t think they’re saying, Trey, ‘No.’ But I do think they’re saying, ‘Not now.’”

When asked by Gowdy if he would lend his support to any of the remaining candidates for the Republican primary, the lone Black candidate demurred and expressed that “the best way for me to be helpful” would be not to offer an endorsement. He also ruled out becoming a vice-presidential nominee. “I ran for president to be president,” he said. “I think I was called to run. I was not called to win, but I certainly was called to run. … Being vice president has never been on my to-do list for this campaign, and it’s certainly not there now.”

The news came as a surprise to many – including members of Scott’s own presidential campaign team and his donors who tuned in to Gowdy’s program. Scott did call his campaign aides after the interview to confirm his decision, sources close to the campaign said. One donor, metal mogul Andy Sabin said to reporters that he was “disappointed but not surprised” at Scott’s choice.

Scott’s decision comes after the last Republican debate, where he offered up a paltry showing in comparison to the other candidates. His campaign message which was imbued with positivity and an emphasis on conservative Christian values wasn’t going over well with voters who are still fixated on former President Donald Trump. Major donors had already been pulling ads for him at the beginning of October. “Tim ran an optimistic, hopeful message — but that’s not where the Republican base is right now,” an unnamed GOP official said. It also comes after Scott’s reported girlfriend attended the Miami debate, causing a flurry of questions over her identity.

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