2NE1 Comeback? Sandara Park Comments On The Possibility Of A Group Reunion

2NE1 Comeback? Sandara Park Comments On The Possibility Of A Group Reunion

2NE1 was one of the leading girl groups of the second generation of K-Pop. Under YG Entertainment, they dominated both Korean and international music charts, festivals, and more with their girl crush hits such as “I Am The Best,” “Ugly,” “Fire,” and more.

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In the 8th episode of BamHouse, member Sandara Park mentioned the group several times. Towards the end of the program, BamBam commented on the fact that the girls still actively use their group fandom name, BlackJack, despite all going their separate ways.

You’re maintaining the fandom name ‘BlackJack’, right?

— BamBam

Sandara confirmed this right away. She added firmly that despite their different paths in life, they are all proud of the fact that they came from 2NE1.

Yes. We parted away but the fact that we’re 2NE1 doesn’t change.

— Sandara

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BamBam then asked a question that is always on the minds of fans: “How about making a comeback as 2NE1?”

Sandara, too, wants to reunite with members CL, Minzy, and Park Bom. They often mention this exact topic to each other.

I would like to and there are many suggestions.

— Sandara

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Though a comeback is something they all want, it is unfortunately difficult to make this into reality. There are currently no plans set in motion for 2NE1’s return to the music industry. After all, aligning their schedules, goals, and other internal matters is a complicated task.

It’s not being done yet.

— Sandara

Finally, she praised GOT7, BamBam’s group, for being able to balance the interests of the group and individual. Like 2NE1, the members are also pursuing solo activities. Unlike them, however, GOT7 has not yet disbanded.

GOT7 did it well, I think.

— Sandara

GOT7 | @GOT7/Twitter

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