Yung Gecko’s Persistent Path to Musical Success

Having been exposed to music at a very young age, Yung Gecko always knew it was calling his name. From beginning the saxophone in 4th grade and piano in 5th grade, Yung Gecko always had to work hard to achieve his musical goals. Always practicing and putting a lot of time in to master his craft, all of these characteristics translate to why he is such a well respected musician today. Many artists do not take their projects seriously and release songs which show a lack of effort and determination. Yung Gecko is serious about his productions and sees each of his works as an opportunity to showcase his musical talent to the best of his ability and does not want to jeopardize his reputation with bad music.

Constantly creating beats and recording music, Yung Gecko is working to become the best musician possible and is eager to conquer any boundaries which may come across him. Yung Gecko believes that with hard work, good music will always find its way to the proper audience. Proving this ideology correct, Yung Gecko has been able to procure over 3 million total streams across all platforms in the year 2020 with his 4 popular releases. He is proud of each project, but is not stopping his musical career anytime soon. Yung Gecko has immensely progressed as a musician since his debut single “Fake Friends” and his continuing success has almost no boundaries. Yung Gecko has plans to release many songs for the coming years and they will for sure be of high musical caliber.

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