‘Inside Out’ introduces Maya Hawke as ‘anxiety’ in new trailer

‘Inside Out’ introduces Maya Hawke as ‘anxiety’ in new trailer

Disney’s Pixar has unveiled a new trailer for Inside Out 2 this week (November 10) and Stranger Things actress Maya Hawke will star in the new film as “anxiety”.

The new film comes more than a decade after the original Inside Out was released in 2015. That film was set inside the mind of a young girl named Riley and explored her emotions including Joy, Sadness, Fear, Disgust and Anger as her world changed around her.

In the latest film, Riley is now a teenager and experiences a new emotion – Anxiety – which is voiced by Hawke.

In the teaser trailer, viewers see what a significant effect Anxiety has on Riley in a short time as signified by the sound of an emergency alarm and a wrecking ball coming into view.

“I’m Anxiety,” Hawke says to the other emotions in Riley’s head. She holds up suitcases before asking, “Where should I put my stuff?” Watch the trailer in full here:

The teaser ends with the tagline: “The feel-good, sad, angry, afraid, disgusted, anxious, envious, everything movie of 2024.”

Amy Poehler will reprise her role as Riley, as will Sadness and Anger (Phyllis Smith and Lewis Black respectively). New voices include Tony Hal (Fear) and Liza Lapira (Disgust). The film is set for release on June 14 2024.

In other news, last month Maya and her dad Ethan joined forces for a cover of the Willie Nelson song, ‘We Don’t Run’. 

In addition to her acting credits – which include roles on Stranger Things and the Ethan Hawke-directed Wildcat – Maya’s most recent music offering arrived in 2022, with her sophomore album ‘Moss’.

Speaking of ‘Moss’ in an interview with NME, Maya Hawke said “making this record felt like a break, like a beginning. Since then – and it’s probably what my next record will be about – I’ve started feeling freer and exploring more.”

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