How BTS’s V Was Crowned His Nickname Of “The Baby Prince”

BTS‘s gained a nickname thanks to his princely good looks!

V from BTS. | Newsen

BTS appeared at Incheon Airport to head on their way to New York for the United Nations General Assembly. One video of V at the airport titled, “Baby Prince V leaving for the United Nations General Assembly” completely matched his superstar visuals!

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Even in a crowd of people, V’s perfect good looks were so captivating!

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His dark hair and dress shirt totally fit the title of “Baby Prince V.” He seriously looked like royalty!

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Waving his diplomatic passport is just the cherry on top of it all: while he may not be a prince by blood, he’s definitely royalty in ARMY’s eyes.

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ARMYs loved V’s new nickname and thought it fit him perfectly! It’s definitely not the first time he’s been compared to a prince, but this nickname given to him by the media is sure to stick around.

baby prince v #TAEHYUNG

— thv thinker (@vanteficent) September 18, 2021

k-media is calling taehyung ‘baby prince v’. tears in my eyes rn

— reem (@taekookalbum) September 18, 2021

k media calling taehyung ‘baby prince v’ is my new favorite thing

— taehyung thinker (ꪜ) (@vanteficient) September 18, 2021

Kim taehyung isn’t even active on social medias & yet he got kmedias and gp whipped&falling for him the moment he showed up at the airport w stylist appearance.They even called him “god taehyung kim”,“baby prince v”,he’s trending left&right on both ww&korea.Main character indeed

— THV (@Taehyungimpact) September 18, 2021

baby prince v, THE main character

— taehyung lover (@vantetum) September 18, 2021

And of course, the title of Prince continues to stick with V today. While “Baby” was removed, it probably makes sense since V is quite the handsome man.

Kim Taehyung

— BTS V HOTRENDS (@v_hotrends) November 3, 2023

It had to be no one other than BTS V!

NaPD is never letting go of our little prince! It’s always so endearing to see him speak about Tae, it’s with so much admiration and affection. Tae is so loved in NaPD’s world.

— Ztoaye ꪜ (@zetoaye) October 31, 2023


Check out the video below to see V’s handsome visuals in action!

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