Fact Check: Are The f(x) Reunion Rumors True?

Recent murmurs on Weibo and Twitter have sparked a wave of excitement among fans of the iconic K-Pop group f(x), hinting at a possible reunion. A Twitter update account stirred the fan community with a post claiming members Victoria, Amber Liu, Krystal, and Luna were set to reunite on an all-girls dance survival show.

This supposed revelation, linked to a Hunan TV & MGTV industry event, has sent ripples of hope through the fandom.

f(x) members #VictoriaSong, #AmberLiu, #KrystalJung, #Luna will reportedly reunite in an all-girls dance survival show #舞蹈狂花 presented at today’s hunan tv & mgtv industry event

waiting for official announcement#CVariety pic.twitter.com/wyroQ6ayzH

— tiff (@tiff_ilosophy) November 11, 2023

f(x)’s journey has been a rollercoaster of soaring highs and sudden silences. The group, formed by SM Entertainment, debuted in 2009 and quickly rose to prominence with hits that topped South Korea’s Gaon Digital Chart. The quintet, originally consisting of Victoria, Amber, Luna, Krystal, and Sulli — who departed the group in 2015 — was celebrated for their eclectic electropop sound and critically acclaimed albums. Post-2016, after their “All Mine” release, the group ceased group promotions, and the members pursued solo careers in various entertainment sectors.

August 2019 marked a brief reunion of the group, albeit without Victoria, at the SM Town Live concert in Tokyo. Shortly thereafter, departure from SM Entertainment was sequentially announced by Amber in September 2019, Luna followed suit, and Victoria’s contract discussions were publicly uncertain. Krystal parted ways with the agency in October 2020, signing with a new company, and in April 2021, Victoria’s contract expiration was confirmed.

Despite these developments, Luna’s comments in April 2021 suggested that the group had not officially disbanded, adding a layer of ambiguity to the group’s status. More recently, Krystal shared a heartfelt message about the group’s dynamics during an interview. The member expressed her desire for a reunion emphasizing the strong bond between the members and their affection for the group’s legacy.

 When I see other groups’ reunions, I feel choked up. To be honest, we didn’t expect our last album to be our last. I think I’ll be really happy if we get a chance to reunite again.

— Krystal for “Money Today”

f(x) during SMTWON in Tokyo. | @sarang_bit/Twitter

As it stands, the reunion remains a rumor, with no concrete evidence or official statement to support the claims of their return to the stage together.

i’m a meu first of all and because of that i won’t believe it until i see them all filming it and the show start airing, and even then i would still question it https://t.co/VKBFOpdRQu

— leli (@chleeray) November 11, 2023

Maybe all the jokes and manifesting did worked out after all those years or we are getting clowned again https://t.co/vezTK8z5QU

— MeU Struggle Tweets (@meustruggletwt) November 11, 2023

Aren’t we all wishing for f(x) reunion? Hoping this will really happen @amberliu https://t.co/JSankn5dQt

— f(x) Global (@AffxtionGlobal) November 12, 2023

The f(x) members are individually thriving, yet the collective hope for a reunion, as expressed by Krystal and fans alike, persists. Until an official announcement is made, the future of f(x) as a unit remains a subject of speculation and wishful thinking in the K-Pop community.

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