A Korean Woman Thought She Got Ghosted — The Truth Is Much Worse

A Korean Woman Thought She Got Ghosted — The Truth Is Much Worse

Unfortunately, many people know what it feels like to get ghosted by a date. One minute everything is going great, and in the next — poof! Your love interest disappears without a trace.

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One woman shared her wild ghosting experience on an episode of KBS Joy‘s Survival Story. It all started when she and her boyfriend met at a blind dating event.

“Met her puppy-like younger boyfriend at a blind dating event.” | KBS Joy

About a week into their relationship, things started to get a little weird.

About a week into our relationship, my boyfriend abruptly shook off my hand that he was holding and walked far away from me to answer a phone call.

— Korean woman

When the woman confronted him about it, he explained that it was an emergency.

“I’m sorry. It was an emergency phone call.” | KBS Joy

The secretive phone calls didn’t end there; his weird behavior kept getting weirder.

After that incident, he continued with his secretive phone calls, always taking them outside when we were together. He would leave the house after his phone calls, telling me he needed to go do something.

— Korean woman

Finally, she couldn’t take it anymore and asked her boyfriend what was going on.

“Who are you getting these phone calls from?” | KBS Joy

Her boyfriend revealed that he had been talking to his ex-girlfriend. (Oh no!)

“My ex-girlfriend and I have unfinished business that I need to figure out.” | KBS Joy

When she asked what business he had with his ex-girlfriend, he refused to tell her. He said that he wanted to keep her out of it for her sake. He then asked his girlfriend to believe in him, and she agreed to do just that.

He said that he didn’t want this to continue to be a problem. He promised me so I decided to believe in him.

— Korean woman

He did stop talking to his ex-girlfriend for a while, but the story didn’t end there. One day, when they were supposed to meet up for a date, the woman received a strange text message from him.

“I’m sorry noona, you were my everything…” | KBS Joy

After she received that message, her boyfriend disappeared, seemingly ghosted her.

After that, he didn’t answer any of my texts or my calls. I was really angry at first, but then I remembered that he was having a hard time with depressing thoughts. I couldn’t help but wonder if he had done something extreme to solve his problems.

— Korean woman

During this time, she started getting nervous about what he might have done. She wanted to reach out to his friends, but she realized she didn’t know any of them. She just wanted some answers but didn’t know how to get them.

“Where did this guy go and why did he lie?” | KBS Joy

About a month later, her boyfriend’s mother came to visit her at work.

“His mother came to visit me at work.” | KBS Joy

“Is he okay?” the woman asked her. “Where is he? Do you know where he went?” In a strange turn of events, without answering any of the questions, her (now former) boyfriend’s mother asked the woman to write a letter.

He misses you a lot so I was wondering if you would do me a favor and write him a letter. While you’re writing it, do you mind including this? Just write what I tell you to write.

— Former boyfriend’s mother

The boyfriend’s mother didn’t want her to write a love letter. Oh, no. It was more like an affidavit!

During the 3 months that I dated my boyfriend, I never once saw a violent side to him. He never raised a finger at me.

— Former boyfriend’s mother

Shocked by the bizarre request, the woman asked why she was being asked to write such things. Oh, no reason! It’s just because her ex-boyfriend is now…in jail for domestic violence. (Wait. What?)

“To be honest, he’s currently in jail.” | KBS Joy

As it turns out, her former boyfriend did not ghost her at all. Rather, he was serving time for domestic violence against his former girlfriend.

I found out that he had a lawsuit for a domestic violence case with his former girlfriend. He eventually got arrested and was put in jail.

— Korean woman

What a crazy rollercoaster of a story! You can watch the entire segment down below.

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