The Unexpected Reason TREASURE’s Hyunsuk Was Drawn To ZEROBASEONE’s Seok Matthew

The Unexpected Reason TREASURE’s Hyunsuk Was Drawn To ZEROBASEONE’s Seok Matthew

To close out season three of the popular variety program The K-Star Next Door, host and actor Jonathan Thona gathered TREASURE‘s Hyunsuk, Yoshi, and Jihoon and ZEROBASEONE‘s Seok Matthew, Han Yujin, and Sung Hanbin for a fun final episode.

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Instead of the standard interview format of The K-Star Next Door, the show’s final episode consisted of the three members of both boy groups competing in a series of games for a chance to get a “scholarship.

In the end, the idol with the most “scholarships” earned their own coffee truck.

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The two groups’ members bonded while competing for a chance to win the coffee truck, hilariously learning of their similarities while they participated in the challenges.

For their first challenge, the members each drew straws to determine who would take on the challenge first, and after ZEROBASEONE’s Seok Matthew drew the number one spot, he hilariously cursed while walking to the front of the line.

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The slip caught the attention of the TREASURE members as Hyunsuk jokingly asked if it was okay to curse on broadcast before telling Matthew that he wanted them to be friends.

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Seok Matthew’s unexpected cursing wasn’t the only reason the TREASURE co-leader wanted to be Matthew’s friend, which he and fellow co-leader Jihoon explained later in the episode.

TREASURE’s Jihoon stated he had “never seen anyone like Matthew before,” and Hyunsuk agreed. Hyunsuk revealed the unexpected reason he admired Matthew, stating he was impressed with him after witnessing Matthew speak fluent French in France.

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Netizens loved watching the new friendship grow throughout the video, sharing additional moments where Hyunsuk and Matthew had friendly interactions.

After watching this kstarnextdoor ep, I think I know why Hyunsuk like Matthew the most … Matthew personality almost like Doyoung

— 🫗 | 𓆩♭𓆪 | 𝐛𝄞𝒅 (@_CARR0TMILK) November 11, 2023

matthew gave hyunsuk 20000won and hyunsuk called him hyung nim

— ~원~ (@myseokryudan) November 11, 2023

hyunsuk paying for matthew, if you watch the whole episode you can clearly see how much he adores the guy. he found a new friend, so cute cute!🤍 #최현석 @treasuremembers

— (@bleszmeachuu_) November 11, 2023

Check out the rest of the fun episode below!

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