The Filipino ARMY Who Won The Lottery, Meeting BTS At The Airport

The Filipino ARMY Who Won The Lottery, Meeting BTS At The Airport

Like a true K-Drama, a Filipino fan defied all odds and managed to cross paths with the BTS members!


The fan, Marcelino Crespo Jr, revealed in a Facebook post that he not only saw BTS at Incheon Airport but also went ahead of them in line.

So it turns out I was the one who cut the line in front of BTS at Incheon Airport!

— Marcelino Crespo Jr.

| Marcelino Crespo Jr./Facebook

In a viral TikTok video, he shared clips of the boys as they waited in line. He once again expressed his surprise at having seen the boy group in person.

Is this real? I encountered BTS at Incheon International Airport!

— Marcelino Crespo Jr.

Respecting their privacy, he did not approach them and instead shot what he could from where he was seated. He had a view of Suga

| Suga | Marcelino Crespo Jr./Facebook


| V | Marcelino Crespo Jr./Facebook

…and J-Hope.

| J-Hope | Marcelino Crespo Jr./Facebook

ARMYs who saw his posts had varying reactions, with some congratulating him for being so lucky. Most, however, couldn’t contain their jealousy, and many of their responses were hilarious!

Please reveal your prayers! So lucky! Step aside, it’s my turn there. I legit cried from being so jealous. You should’ve brought them home. What did you do in your past life to be so lucky now? I should just live in Korea.

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