Who’s Dating Who? The “Twinkling Watermelon” Cast’s Real-Life Romances

Who’s Dating Who? The “Twinkling Watermelon” Cast’s Real-Life Romances

A drama that has recently become a hot topic is Twinkling Watermelon, gaining many viewers with its premise. Ryeo Un stars as Ha Eun Gyeol, the only hearing person in a family of deaf people who secretly is a guitarist in a band and ends up traveling back in time to meet his parents when they were younger.

| tvN

There is also romance in the story, not only between Eun Gyeol’s parents, and many viewers are likely curious about the actors’ IRL romantic connections!

Of the supporting cast that make up the Watermelon Sugar band — Ahn Do Gyu, Yoon Jae Chan, Lee Ha Min, and Lee Su Chan — none have had any public relationships, likely due to their younger ages.

Watermelon Sugar | tvN

The same can be said for Ryeo Un and his in-show love interest, young Se Kyung/Eun Yoo, played by Seol In Ah.

Ryeo Un (left) and Seol In Ah (right)| tvN

Choi Hyun Wook plays the younger version of Eun Gyeol’s father and was spotted earlier this year holding hands with a mysterious woman while smoking illegally. He apologized for the incident not long after but faced punishment for how he disposed of his cigarette.

Choi Hyun Wook | tvN

Several actors playing characters’ older counterparts are in relationships or married. Choi Won Young, who plays the older version of Eun Gyeol’s father, is married to actress Shim Yi Young and has two children.

Choi Won Young | tvN Choi Won Young and Shim Yi Young (left).

Seo Young Hee plays Eun Gyeol’s mother and has been married to a non-celebrity since 2011.  The couple have two children

Seo Young Hee

Lee So Yeon, who plays the older version of Se Kyung, was married in 2015 to an IT professional, whom she separated from in 2018.

Lee So Yeon | King Entertainment

The romance in the drama has raised some eyebrows, which you can read more about below!

Netizens Have Mixed Reactions To A “Twinkling Watermelon” Couple

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