What Really Happened? The Thai Delivery Man Who Flew To Singapore To Buy A Customer Chicken Rice

What Really Happened? The Thai Delivery Man Who Flew To Singapore To Buy A Customer Chicken Rice

Can you imagine flying to another country just to satisfy a customer’s craving? This is what people thought happened after viewing the video that Thai TikToker Thita.vy posted on October 28.

The viral video, viewed almost four million times, showed a man boarding a plane while wearing the signature green uniform of Grab, a Southeast Asian delivery app.


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Besides the usual passport and boarding pass, he also had on hand an insulated food bag. He climbed aboard the AirAsia flight in an attire that suggested he was entering a restaurant and not a plane.

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He placed the bag on the overhead compartment while many fellow passengers watched curiously. After a short two and a half hour journey to Singapore, the TikTok influencer captured the Grab rider fixing his insulated bag at Changi Airport.

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She mentioned that he was there to purchase an order of the local Hainanese chicken rice for his customer back in Thailand.

Needless to say, netizens were amazed at the content of the video. Many commented that they were not surprised that wealthy people would go through such lengths in order to satisfy their cravings. Others, meanwhile, questioned if the video was staged.

They were soon proven correct.

A representative of Grab came forward to deny the plausibility of the viral video. They explained that the man in their uniform has no connection to them and is not an official rider.

We do not offer such a service, and the person starring as a delivery partner in the video is not registered with Grab.

— Grab Thailand

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