The Hottest New Toy Popular Among Kids In Korea Concerns Parents

There is a trending toy among elementary and middle school students these days that is causing concern among parents and netizens.

A Carrot Knife | Ali Express

Recently, photos and videos of a “Carrot Knife” have rapidly spread on platforms such as YouTube and Instagram.

Made of plastic, the Carrot Knife was named after its resemblance to a carrot. The relatively cute appearance of the Carrot Knife has made it a popular item among young people, being referred to as a trendy item. Videos on “Carrot Knife techniques” and “how to spin the Carrot Knife stylishly” are gaining high views and attracting attention.

Your browser does not support video.A video of Carrot Knife tricks | @tomasolifancy/YouTube  Your browser does not support video.A “Carrot Knife unboxing” video | @0._.b/Instagram 

The structure of the Carrot Knife can be considered a model pocket knife with a handle, blade-like part, and even a folding function similar to a jackknife.

However, the Carrot Knife is raising concerns from parents and educational authorities. Despite being a toy, the Carrot Knife has a knife-like shape, posing potential risks such as injuries. There have even been reports of accidents where people were injured while playing with the Carrot Knife.

| Yeongnam Ilbo

In addition, the Carrot Knife’s popularity is raising social concerns, as it could encourage imitation crimes such as knife attacks. The recent increase in knife attacks in Korea is only making adults more concerned about the kids’ futures and society. Adults are concerned that the imitation of stabbing someone with the Carrot Knife while playing can promote violent behavior.


In response to these concerns, some schools have issued notices prohibiting the possession of Carrot Knives.

Recently, the Daegu Metropolitan Office of Education sent letters to elementary and middle schools in the area requesting cooperation in preventing the purchase and possession of Carrot Knives. The letter emphasized the need to be cautious about the possession of Carrot Knives by children and teenagers who may not have fully developed judgment and values.

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