‘Modern Warfare 3’ best Renetti loadout and attachments

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3 brings back classic multiplayer maps from 2009’s Modern Warfare 2, and many of them are tight, close-quarters arenas that favour a run-and-gun playstyle. This makes the Renetti one of the best weapons in Modern Warfare 3, as this simple pistol can be modified into a rapid-fire killing machine that feels more like an SMG.

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Our Modern Warfare 3 best Renetti loadout covers the attachments that you’ll need to equip to create one of the best builds at launch. We’ll also break down the Perks, Equipment, Field Upgrade, and secondary weapon that you’ll need to finish off this Renetti class setup, so that you’re fully prepared to rip and tear on the battlefield.

Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3, Renetti. Credit: Sledgehammer Games.

‘Modern Warfare 3’ best Renetti attachments

Below, you’ll find the best Renetti attachments to use in Modern Warfare 3:

Muzzle: Monolithic Suppressor
Stock: Ravage-92 Heavy Stock
Magazine: 50 Round Drum
Rear Grip: EXF Eclipsor Grip
Conversion Kit: Jak Ferocity Carbine Kit

The Jak Ferocity Carbine Kit is by far the most important attachment for this MW3 Renetti loadout. This Conversion Kit transforms the Renetti from a measly pistol into a fully-auto SMG, with a drastic boost to bullet velocity, range, and accuracy.

To keep your shots quiet, we’d recommend using the Monolithic Suppressor. This also has the added benefit of significantly increasing your recoil control. The Ravage 92 Heavy Stock further increases your recoil control, turning the Renetti into a highly accurate laser beam.

To add a little bit of mobility to the Renetti, we’ve equipped the EXF Eclipsor Grip. This boosts your sprint-to-fire speed, making the Renetti even more suited to the fast-paced run-and-gun nature of Modern Warfare 3.

Finally, we’ve equipped the 50-Round Drum Magazine to drastically increase the ammo capacity of the Renetti. This allows you to easily tear through the entire enemy team without needing to pause and reload, making you far more ferocious during battle.

‘Call Of Duty: Modern Warfare 3’ Credit: Activision

‘Modern Warfare 3’ best Renetti loadout

Below, you’ll find the best Renetti loadout in Modern Warfare 3. This includes the secondary weapon, Perks, Equipment, and Field Upgrade that you’ll need:

Primary: Longbow
Tactical: Battle Rage
Lethal: Throwing Knife
Field Equipment: Dead Silence
Gloves: Commando Gloves
Boots: Lightweight Boots
Bone Conduction Headset
Vest: Infantry Vest

Since the Renetti is a rapid-fire laser that destroys opponents at close-range, we’ve opted for the Longbow as our primary weapon. You can tweak it to also fit a close-range playstyle, but it’ll remain deadly accurate at longer ranges. That long-range option gives this loadout some much-needed versatility.

This loadout is all about moving fast around the map, and the Battle Rage Tactical will help you do just that. When used, it rapidly regenerates your health and tactical sprint, allowing you to keep moving at top speed without needing to pause. For your Lethal, we’d recommend the Throwing Knife for a fast and lethal option while running-and-gunning.

Dead Silence is an obvious choice for your Field Equipment in this loadout, as you can activate it to briefly make your footsteps silent. This will make you far sneakier, giving you chance to charge into their spawn and bag some easy kills before your enemies notice you. With the Bone Conduction Headset, which makes enemy footsteps easier to hear, you’ll also be able to more easily track your opponents.

We’ve said speed is key for this Modern Warfare 3 Renetti build, and the Infantry Vest keeps you moving fast by increasing your tactical sprint duration. We’ve also opted for the Lightweight Boots, as they increase your movement and swimming speed. Finally, use the Commando Gloves, as they allow you to reload while sprinting.

That wraps up our Modern Warfare 3 best Renetti loadout. For more meta builds, take a look at our Modern Warfare 3 MCW loadout and Modern Warfare 3 Striker loadout.

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