Korean singer-songwriter Nahee dies aged 24

South Korean singer-songwriter Nahee has died at the age of 24.

According to Star News earlier today (November 10), the singer had passed away on Wednesday, November 8. The cause of her death was unspecified.

Nahee’s funeral was reportedly held today at the Central Funeral Hall in Pyeongtaek, Gyeonggi-do.

Fans of the singer have taken to her most recent Instagram post, uploaded just hours before her death, to pay tribute to Nahee.

Many wrote condolence messages to the singer and her loved ones, while others expressed their regret for only discovering her music after hearing of her passing.

Back in July, Nahee released her electronic pop track ‘Rose’, which she dedicated to her fans.

“I’d like to call the songs I have released up until now ‘roses’. This song is a story I want to tell to the people who have shown my roses love,” she said at the time, per Wikitree.

Nahee made her debut in 2019 as an independent artist with the single ‘Blue City’. The singer then signed with former Kakao M subsidiary Mun Hwa In in 2020. She later went on to release songs like ‘Blue Night’, ‘Love Note!’ and ‘City Drive’.

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