Korean Netizens React To G-Dragon’s Latest Allegations

Korean netizens blasted the Police and news outlets in light of the latest allegations surrounding G-Dragon.

G-Dragon | Pinterest

On November 10, My Daily reported that Police were looking into the possibility that G-Dragon had destroyed evidence of his alleged drug use. This comes just days after G-Dragon tested negative for drug use.

According to the report, Police are looking into whether G-Dragon had deliberately removed his body hair before taking the drug test. The report states that the suspicions stem from prior celebrities who had tested positive for drugs that had removed their body hair. It’s important to note the distinction, however, that G-Dragon has tested negative for drugs.

G-Dragon Reportedly Faces New Allegations From Police

It is also noteworthy that Incheon Police are facing an immense backlash at the moment after, in a rare move, they publicized Lee Sun Kyun and G-Dragon’s drug investigation and then promptly failed to yield any positive results.

Lee Sun Kyun | JoongAng Ilbo

Netizens reacted to the news, with many criticizing the police for allegedly trying to save face. Others alleged that the news was conjured up to distract the public from recent political strife stemming from the Dokdo Islands that Japan also claims.

“They aren’t releasing any articles about Dokdo and are only talking about celebrities… Our country is so transparent.” “G-Dragon said he didn’t dye or bleach his hair and eyebrows. They had what they needed for the test.” “How is it possible to remove all the hairs on your body? I have never heard of that. Couldn’t they have used his eyebrows?” “I really don’t like GD much, but I think he is being treated unfairly. There really isn’t any evidence, and I can feel the police using the media to make it seem like there is.” “Can’t Police just investigate on their own? Why are they releasing this f@cking idiotic article?” “He seemed to have his hair, eyebrows, and beard, so why are they releasing this? They are trying to make it seem like he is guilty, but I wish they would hurry up and reveal the results.” “He’s an idol, so I understand. If I had the money and the time, I would also remove all my hair.” “What does that change? They could have just used his hair.” “I also remove all the hair on my body besides my eyebrows and hair, so it’s understandable since he’s a celebrity, LOL. If we wait, I’m sure the results will come out.” “They could have just used his hair. I’m not a GD fan, but it seems he removed them for grooming purposes.” “A lot of people do that… What’s the problem?”

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