From friend to enemies? The Blue Demon, Lil Loaded shoots and kills homie

From friend to enemies? The Blue Demon, Lil Loaded shoots and kills homie

What up gang.

Back it with the real you know what’s the deal. It’s messed up to lose a homie, but even worst when you’re the one that pulled the trigger. Today we got some YWN Melly type shit with a rapper that has been buzzing in the streets over the past year. Lil Loaded (0:06-0:11) (8:54-9:02) (9:13-9:18) (1:34-1:43) (2:13-2:16) (0:55-1:08) (1:50-2:01)

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As of right now he’s living with the memory of taking the life of his own friend, and while initial reports list it as an accident, family and even those in the vicinity of the incident think otherwise. So in this one, we’re gna break down the lifestyle that got Lil Loaded a possible murder or manslaughter charge and if he pulled the trigger by accident or out of malice.

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Cali born, Dallas raised (0:55-1:05) Dashawn Maurice Robertson grew up around the street culture with a single mother. His father wasn’t around because he was serving a prison sentence. From early this took a toll on Dashawn, forced to grow up much sooner due to things he’s seen and experiences he endured (1:28-1:44) 

While he had an older sister and a younger sister and brother, it was his oldest brother who was 8 years above him that was the father figure of the home and basically raised him. He learnt the streets and how to stand as a man and secure the bag (1:55-2:24) Unfortunately the brother he looked up to lost his life to the streets when Lil Loaded was at the age of 15, and the pain and loss brought serious changes into his life (2:48-2:52) (2:28-3:33) He would go on to be heavy in the gang lifestyle as a member of the Rolling 60’s crips, the same as the late legend Nipsey Hustle – recently dropped a vid on his life and legacy btw so you can check that out in the description below. Lil Loaded embraced his childhood nickname and immersed himself deeper into the streets (6:58-7:13) (5:21-6:01) (5:07-11)

Often times this path down a slippery slope of death and pain dates back to generations before and Lil Loaded family wasn’t no stranger to gang banging. With the addition of his uncle serving time (6:35-6:42) along with his pops, and his brother losing his life to the streets, Lil Loaded was the next in line falling into the family cycle (0:20-0:37)

Lil Loaded was living the life, growing his street cred while ducking and dodging bullets from his opps, but it’s all fun and games until one of those projectiles hit their target. Lil Loaded realized that when he was caught lacking and was hit in his hand during a shootout when he was 18 (1:17-1:23) Even scarier for the Dallas savage, his hand stopped the bullet from piercing his face (3:35-3:45). Many savages have turned from their ways after coming close to death, but not Lil Loaded. Due to paranoia he switched up his movements, got more attentive and had eyes out for smoke if anyone acted strange (2:03-2:29) (3:46-3:53) After racking up a gun charge, he kept it pushing.

Lil loaded went right back to the streets, continuing violation of his opps no matter where the location, Lil Loaded was with the smoke on sight (0:00-0:32) But one good thing did come of this, it also opened his eyes to how short life can be and started pursuing music on a more serious note with the encouragement of friends around him. This was another changing point in his life, but this time, it was a positive twist on all the pain and loss he’s been enduring. He would record what now became the smash hit “6locc 6a6y,” something he embraced his whole life and has tatted along his arm (0:00-0:13) (2:55-3:02). It signifies his upbringing as well as his deep attraction to the Glock firearm (5:45-5:50).

“6locc 6a6y” paved the way for his come up but strangely enough it went from 0 views to 29+ million it has today

This began when the Polish YouTuber, Tommy Craze 

reviewed Lil Loaded’s track on his “Reacting To Music Videos With 0 VIEWS!” series. The track received high praise (9:56-10:02) and got a diamond rank from the popular YouTuber (11:13-11:19) Within the space of 24 hours, Lil Loaded shot up to stardom. First waking up to 45K views and the rest is history as we know it (4:16-5:20) From managers to flying out to speak with labels, Lil Loaded seemed to make it out the street and on to better things. Every track dropped afterward was doing mills, and that’s just on YouTube. Gang Unit Every Time We Step Shotta Shit Link Up Ft. Pooh Shiesty Avatar Ft. King Von (RIP) Every track was up and doing numbers and Lil Loaded was riding the wave (1:15-1:20)

Sadly, after escaping with his life in reports of a shooting on a music video he was filming with EBK Top Shotta and EBK Cyraq

Lil Loaded would hop on live months later laid up on a hospital bed in July 2020 with a bullet wound to his leg (0:00-0:10) (1:50-2:01)

Lil Loaded took the time re-evaluate his life and made the smart choice to push music even harder. In addition to his 6locc 6a6y mixtape released around sing of the same title, he dropped two other full length projects throughout 2020, “A Demon In Blue” and “Criptape.”

This is where things took a very dark turn for the Blue Demon. It seems every time Lil Loaded was trying to elevate and focus on music, something tries to bring him down. This time he got himself into a murder case. The victim is said to be his homie, Khalil Walker aka Lil Savage Boosie, 

not to be confused with the Baton Rouge hood legend Lil Boosie aka Boosie Badazz

Follow me closely now, because this gets a little bit sticky. Lil Loaded had a crew he was on the come up with, from left to right, 100k 6last, Hood Baby and Ssy Sosa

100k 6last even has a song with him in 2019 as well titled “Slide” All of them were like brothers along with Savage Boosie.

This piece of information is important and can be crucial to Lil Loaded safety and life. Now the initial rumors were that Lil Loaded and his homie Walker were on a music video shoot when a gun that was on set was loaded and accidentally fired and hit Walker to which he died after being rushed to the hospital. Official reports from law enforcement states that they received a call and went to the location of Walker’s home in the 7200 block of Lost Canyon Drive, near the Cedar Ridge Preserve in southwestern Dallas’ The Woods neighborhood on October 25th. When they arrived, Walker who was reportedly shot in the torso with a rifle was nowhere to be found. He was reportedly already taken to the Methodist Charlton Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead from his wounds. According to the affidavit, Lil Loaded, Walker and another person at the scene we outside when Walker’s sis heard not one but two gunshots. She would rush outside to find her brother bleeding on the floor and Lil Loaded and the other person standing over him. Thinking quickly she called 911. According to the affidavit, she got a hold of Lil Loaded phone to see a video that showed Lil Loaded shooting Walker. Reports went on to state that Lil Loaded would drop back the other person home after dropping Walker to the hospital.

The day of the incident, Lil Loaded would post up a heartfelt message indicating he was mourning his homie passing.

And before anyone says it was clout or they weren’t that tight, Walker also gave recognition to their bond and come up through the mud in a past post

Lil Loaded would head out to Florida days after the shooting. Many speculate he was on the run from the law, but upon hearing of a warrant for his arrest, he turned himself into the Dallas County jail. 

He was initially facing a murder charge with $500,000 bail, but would be released on $75,000 bond with a lesser charge of manslaughter. While Lil Loaded seemed to be dealing with the accidental loss of his friend heavily,

Many family members expressed doubt in his narrative and said he intentionally took Walker’s life.

Social media would join in, blaming the rapper asking how could it be an accident when he shot twice. Thinking logically, many would automatically join in because their logic does make sense, but we still don’t know the full truth. However though, their viewpoint seemed to hold even more weight when his homies, remember the ones posted before where he had a song with one, yea those guys would claim to expose Lil Loaded in an interview. Saying that Lil Loaded cut all times and cast their brotherhood aside after they grind together to come up the moment his song, 6locc 6a6y blew (2:18-2:45) (3:07-3:44) Worst yet, they themselves don’t believe that Loaded took the life of their homie by accident (0:07-0:23).

While his case is pending, Lil Loaded is still trying to remain in good spirits. He took a moment to let his fans know he was back home but many fans fear for the viral rapper’s life given the rumors buzzing around.

Where this goes, none of us yet knows. Lil Loaded stands firm that he’s not guilty of what family members and past homies are accusing him off. If the reports from the cops are true, then video footage of the incident does exist so I’m sure the truth will come out sooner than later. Let’s just hope Lil Loaded isn’t targeted wrongly before that time so his name can either be cleared or convicted. Either way, a life was lost, and people are hurting (6:03-6:10). RIP Savage Boosie. Lil Loaded man, if it really was an accident, hoping you can cope and somehow move forward in life and get through this pain (3:48-4:03)

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