Canadian Dream Pop Trio SWiiMS Debuts Video for “In Puzzles” — Debut LP “Into The Blue Night” Out Now!

Canadian Dream Pop Trio SWiiMS Debuts Video for “In Puzzles” — Debut LP “Into The Blue Night” Out Now!

In their latest gem from the ethereal haze of dream pop, the Canadian trio SWiiMS unveils their video for “In Puzzles,” a track that reverberates with a comforting sense of musical nostalgia. This group, known for their emotional and immersive soundscapes, draws from a rich tapestry of influences including 80s New Wave, 90s Indie Rock, Britpop, and Shoegaze, channeling the cloudkissed spirit of bands like DIIV, Slowdive, Beach House, and Alvvays.

Formed in the summer preceding the COVID-19 pandemic, SWiiMS’ story began with Mai Diaz Langou and Colin Thompson connecting through a Craigslist Musicians Wanted ad. Their instant chemistry, combined with the addition of bassist and vocalist Cian O’Ruanaidh, marked the beginning of a captivating musical journey.

On their latest single “In Puzzles”, the second from their debut LP” Into The Blue Night,” the band muses:

“It reflects on the process of figuring out your new relationship. Enjoying every moment and not rushing to move ahead too fast. Savoring the minutes, hours, and days as you discover each other. Giving signals, but also holding things back, letting things blossom slowly. The song, like the rest of the album, tries to capture the balancing act of falling in love and the feelings of isolation, and loss brought on by the global pandemic. All in all, it is a song that is filled with hope and anticipation.”

The accompanying video for “In Puzzles” is a visual treat featuring Mai Diaz Langou bicycling in a surreal reverse chronology, painting an intriguing picture with elements like wine stains, popped balloons, and a teddy bear. It’s an idyllic daydream, harking back to the blissful nostalgia of late 80s and early 90s alternative rock singles and music videos.

Watch the video for “In Puzzles” below:

SWiiMS has channeled the challenges of recent years into their debut LP, transforming struggle into stunning art. After making waves at college radio with their 2020 debut EP “Through Waves,” they have now release their highly anticipated debut LP, “Into The Blue Night.” The album, written and recorded over the last year, explores a range of personal themes and marks a significant evolution from their EP.

Guitarist/vocalist Colin Thompson describes “Into The Blue Night” as an emergence from darkness into light, amplifying the elements of their sound. The album, produced and engineered by Toronto’s Josh Korody, promises to be a significant step in their artistic journey.

“Into The Blue Night” is out now. Listen here.

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