3rd Generation Idol’s Agency Under Fire For Unfairly Extending Contract Period

3rd Generation Idol’s Agency Under Fire For Unfairly Extending Contract Period

A 3rd generation idol’s agency is currently under fire for issuing an announcement to fans to inform them that the idol’s contract had been extended.

Heedo debuted under B.I.G in 2014. 9 years into his career, he applied to be on reboot program Peak Time. He participated as a solo member, joining the Team 24:00 group. The group made it to the Top 6.

Heedo on Peak Time.

His contract period with GH Entertainment was supposed to end on October 31, 2023, along with the other members of B.I.G. Nearing the date, his personal Instagram had suddenly been erased, leaving him to create a new account. He informed fans of the new account through his group account with Peak Time’s Team 24:00.

Heedo’s story using the group account. | theqoo

I was uneasy since a few days ago but… I made a new account.

— Heedo

Through the new account, he reassured fans that he would continue to interact with them through it.

Heedo’s first post on the new account. | theqoo

Hello. This is Yoo Heedo. It was a day where my heart sank even more than a day where you forget your passport at the airport, or when you forget rap lyrics on stage. Anyway, I’ll be communicating through this account for the time being!

— Heedo

As fans grew worried about his situation with the company, a sudden announcement on the fancafe alerted fans that GH Entertainment had decided to extend Heedo’s contractual period. They claimed that they would extend his contract with them for the same period of time where he was promoting with Team 24:00.

Firstly we wish to inform you that it is untrue that we limited Heedo’s previously existing personal social media account.

Currently, we are examining the legal matters concerning extending Heedo’s contractual period for the same time that his group activities with B.I.G was halted due to his external activities. After we have organized everything, we will make another announcement.

— GH Entertainment

Heedo. | GH Entertainment

Fans found this extremely unfair as Heedo had gone on the show with the company’s permission. His earnings from Team 24:00 promotions were also shared with GH Entertainment. Furthermore, he was unable to participate in a Top 6 concert for Peak Time due to promotions with B.I.G.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo Heedo… I really liked when you did the pair choreography with Jongup for “This That Shhh.” They’re f*cking thugs. I hope Heedo safely escapes… They can’t do that… Then why did they even send him to the survival show? Wow, they’re really thugs… Hope he escapes. Crazy basta*ds. Didn’t the company also receive a cut of the profits from his Peak Time activities? It’s really not it if they did and are still like this.

Although the company has denied having anything to do with Heedo’s personal social media, fans continue to berate the company for their unfair extension of the contract. Stay tuned for more updates about the matter.

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