Rookie K-Pop Girl Group Member Shares Thoughts On Being Compared To K-Pop Legends

Rookie K-Pop Girl Group Member Shares Thoughts On Being Compared To K-Pop Legends

KISS OF LIFE’s Natty recently shared her thoughts on the positive reviews that have poured out since her debuting with the team. The group recently dropped the second mini album, Born to be XX, and made their first comeback since their debut. After the release, the group was interviewed at their agency and shared stories about the new album, what type of music they wanted to pursue, and more.


The group first appeared in the music industry with the first mini album, Kiss of Life, in July. In line with the team’s identity as a group that pursues original music and self-production, the group demonstrated solid musicianship by including solo songs that fully reflect the individuality of each member.

In particular, Natty’s solo track, “Sugarcoat,” received much attention from fans and the public. The song, which reinterprets the Y2K mood to fit Natty’s style, received great reviews from listeners. Due to the song’s popularity, she even received the title of “Little BoA” and “Little Lee Hyori.”


She smiled shyly in response to these titles and said, “I am so honored. I looked at the comments, and people were talking about these titles. I think the images of my seniors came to mind as the song has a Y2K feel.” She continued, “I dreamed of becoming a singer while watching my seniors, and I practiced a lot, so it feels like an honor to hear people say that. If I get the chance to meet my seniors someday, I want to say hello and tell them what an honor it is.”

For Natty, the public’s favorable reviews and attention gained through group activities are an even more valuable achievement. She previously attempted to debut through survival programs and solo debuts but did not achieve the results she expected.


Regarding this, she confessed, “Actually, I kept getting eliminated from two survival shows, and after my solo debut, the situation was bad due to COVID-19, so I wanted to give up (as a singer) at that time.”

However, when she was about to give up, she met the current team and gained courage again, leading to good results.

I was thinking, ‘Should I give up now?’ But then I thought, ‘I haven’t shown the real Natti yet!’ At that time, I met my current team and worked hard with these friends. I felt that we could become a great team. I debated with the thought that I should put everything I had practiced for ten years and show them.

Kiss of Life is attracting attention in the K-pop market as a new girl group with talent and charm. Natty said, “It seems like many people are recognizing this time as I have worked hard. They have given me so much love and attention, and thanks to that, I feel like the past time was not in vain.”


Meanwhile, Kiss of Life released their second mini album on November 8 and began their full-fledged activities.

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