RIIZE’s Anton Proves To Be The Main Character As K-Netizens Discover His Pre-Debut Cello Photos

RIIZE’s Anton Proves To Be The Main Character As K-Netizens Discover His Pre-Debut Cello Photos

RIIZE‘s Anton is known for his perfect background. Not only is he the son of the famous producer Yoon Sang and his actress wife, but Anton also studied in the United States, being active as both a cellist and a swimmer.

Anton (right) pre-debut. | theqoo

Recently, his fans have uncovered a rare video of him playing the cello as part of an orchestra.

귀하디 귀한 찬영이 첼로 연주 영상
나 그냥 울음되 … pic.twitter.com/pmfj2KhFev

— (@yantong321) November 8, 2023

Such a rare video of Chanyoung playing the cello. I’m reduced to tears…

— yantong321

He looked dashing in the regulation black button-down that most orchestra players wear.

아진짜 너무 좋아서 울음나와
연주회 속 찬영이가 너무 좋아 ㅜㅜ pic.twitter.com/6Hiswq1eDC

— (@yantong321) November 8, 2023

Ah, I love this so much that I’m wailing. I love Chanyoung in the orchestra.

— yantong321

He stunned everyone with his duality, turning from an adorable smiley puppy to a pro in just a few seconds.

처음엔 그냥 내가 아는 헤헤강아지인데 지휘자분이 지휘봉 들자마자 바로 집중하는 거 진짜 좋아 pic.twitter.com/2aVQffoQcr

— (@antonisbabo) November 8, 2023

He was just the smiley puppy that I know at first, but I love how he focuses immediately once the conductor waves his conducting wand.

— antonisbabo

There’s also full body videos of Anton. He looked gorgeous holding the cello. Fans were proud of his achievements. As he’s seated right in front of the conductor, it is likely that he played the first string.

이렇게 전신 잡힌 거 너무 좋은데.. 찬영이 지휘자 바로 앞인 것도 기특해죽겠고🫳 아침부터 마음이 넘 힘들어………

— it (@anttonal) November 9, 2023

I love that we get his full-body shot in a video… I’m also so proud that he’s right in front of the conductor. My heart is aching so early in the morning.

— anttonal

There’s no one more perfect than him!

Netizens have been comparing him to a main character. Every part of his background is so perfect that it seemed impossible to believe.

Netizen reactions. | theqoo  Chanyoung, thanks for being an idol… Wow, his set-up is truly perfect. Oh my… He must’ve suffered to have lived such a hardworking life during his school days, but he looks like he doesn’t have any twisted parts. I love it… Wow… He’s truly the perfect set-up. Wow. His set-up is perfect. So cool.!

Anton’s set-up is definitely the stuff of main characters!


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