K-Netizens React To The Level Of Professionalism Of Korea’s Top MC

K-Netizens React To The Level Of Professionalism Of Korea’s Top MC

Recently, popular comedian, entertainer, and MC Park Kyung Lim received a positive response from netizens for her sensible fashion choices when attending movie or drama press conferences. She was praised for “dressing for the occasion” and matching each project’s theme and genre.

Moon In The Day

Moon in the Day | artepop

For the press conference, Park dressed up like the main character, played by actor Kim Young Dae, receiving praise from fans.

Park Kyung Lim | Star Daily News


Vigilante | Kim Kyu Sam

For the newly released Disney+ original series, Vigilante, she appeared at the press conference dressed up just like Kim Jiyong, played by Nam Joo Hyuk! She also garnered attention from BTS ARMYs for wearing Jungkook’s hoodie that he designed!

Famous Korean MC Park Kyung Lim wore Jungkook-designed merch ARMYST hoodie in media premiere of upcoming Disney+ Korean series “Vigilante” which she hosted today.pic.twitter.com/MHmWplnYkX

— Jungkook SNS  (@Jungkook_SNS) November 6, 2023


Park Kyung Lim | Sports Seoul

For the movie, Smugglers, she understood the assignment, wearing clothes simliar to actress Kim Hye Soo.

Concrete Utopia

For the movie Concrete Utopia, she looked like she was ready to team up with the cast in the film!

Park Kyung Lim | Fashion N

The Moon

For the movie The Moon, she matched her outfit with a shiny silver outfit, reminiscent of astronauts.

Park Kyung Lim | Sports Seoul


Park Kyung Lim/@kyeongrim_official/Instagram | Barbie official poster/Warner Bros.

For this movie, need we say more?

Netizens that saw this loved how she put in so much effort into her outfits!

Netizen comments | theqoo “Wow and she looks so good!” “Her outfits are great, but she pulls it off so well too! Her expression and poses are so natural..so cool.” “She has so good fashion sense and she looks so great in all of them.” “She has great sensibility…unni you are amazing!” “All the outfits are so pretty.” “Is that hoodie the one made by Jungkook? She wore that?” “Wow she’s such a cool person!” “I didn’t know back then, but she is such a cool person.” “So cool, but is that hoodie the one Jungkook made?” “Wow she pulls them off so well!”

Which outfit was your favorite?

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