God forgives, Ksoo doesn’t: The retaliation that may put ATK shooter Ksoo away for life

God forgives, Ksoo doesn’t: The retaliation that may put ATK shooter Ksoo away for life

One of those violent criminals happens to be the focus of our vid today. Was up gang, we’ve been dissecting the war between ATK (Aim To Kill) and KTA (Kill Them All). We did an extensive breakdown of the beef between the two dangerous gangs involving ATK Yungeen Ace and KTA Julio Foolio. Link in the description. This is important because that beef lead to the revenge hit that now has placed ATK head shooter, Ksoo in prison for murder. 

https://youtu.be/dOvtNpQjxi8 (0:00-0:05)

https://youtu.be/3lZixpK6sVA (3:04-3:18)

https://youtu.be/EoBHvAnSdb4 (0:01-0:18)

https://youtu.be/4xvY6m_zc-c (0:10-20)

https://youtu.be/4xvY6m_zc-c (1:02-1:10)

https://youtu.be/4xvY6m_zc-c (0:35-1:00)

Insider Hotspot Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRomM7ZedDRRo8bPBG8XuFA/videos

But how badly did someone hurt Ksoo that he threw away his freedom and rising rap career to murk a man in broad daylight? You won’t believe what the opp did to warrant this retaliation. Let’s get to it.

Ksoo has been a savage in Jacksonville and has his street cred. He’s known for being someone as disrespectful as the Chriaq legend FBG Duck (RIP).

He thrives off violence, and takes every opportunity to mock his opps that lost their lives https://youtu.be/E1_H6G_5c0Q 

https://youtu.be/W39GeBY8qOo (0:00-1:10)

So when his homie and head honcho of ATK Yungeen Ace lost his bro and two friends and barely survived after being wet up 8 times in June 2018, he was already headstrong on revenge https://youtu.be/MDMh9GdgEtI (0:00-0:33) https://youtu.be/nNAV7bR08sk (0:00-0:20) https://youtu.be/zQF0PWTwpLc 

This put Ksoo in savage mode and began the revenge cycle that found it’s way even closer to home for Ksoo’s. KTA got cocky after celebrating Ace being hit up and went on to target and claim the life of Willie Addison, aka Boss Goon on January 16th, 2019.

This was the tipping point that sent Ksoo on a rampage. Boss Goon was his brother who got murked after serving 10 years behind bars for burglary and perjury charges

https://youtu.be/oZks2dJxsSs (1:00-1:25) https://fb.watch/3BzdtIBjrH/ (9:00-9:37)

The opps got Boss Goon after a performance at a birthday party at the Paradise Gentlemen’s Club. He was in a car with his father, brother, and 3 other relatives when they were ambushed and sprayed up. Everyone was hit, but Boss Goon unfortunately didn’t make it. Rest his soul https://youtu.be/RCs2d4jGpbs (1:18-1:50)


This would further set Ksoo’s plot for the get back in motion. Now having nearly lost his close friend and comrade Ace, lost his brother Boss Goon and got his father and relatives being hit up, Ksoo had all the ingredients for retaliation based on the street code and that’s exactly what he set out to do.

Almost a year later on January 15th 2020, Ksoo would get his revenge, but losing his life as a free man in the process. Rival rapper, Charles McCormick aka Lil Buck, made the mistake of putting out a track that was aimed at mocking the death of Boss Goon not long after he was murked. Ksoo would interpret that as a sign that he either carried out the hit or had a hand to play in it. Ksoo would conspire with his pops and two others to ride for Lil Buck in retaliation for his brother Boss Goon.

On the day the hit was carried out at an Arlington Shopping Plaza, it just so happened an officer was in seeing range of a man standing over Lil Buck and emptying the clip, putting an end to his life. At the time officers were unaware that it was Ksoo. A number of witnesses would describe the scene, stating the shooter made his escape in a stolen grey Nisan Altima Sedan. Ksoo would then find himself on a high-speed chase through the city with the cops hot on his trail. The car would crash at a residential neighborhood at 1200 Block Townsend Boulevard. 

Him and two affiliates, Leroy Whitaker  

And Dominique Barner

would ditch the whip and make a run for it. They would split up. One taking a rifle and going west, the other two heading the opposite direction. The two would take shelter inside a female’s home, dragging her to the ground before she could alert authorities. She was in fear of her life, claiming the assailants tried to silence her by strangulation so she stopped fighting and went along with whatever they wanted. They would switch clothing with whatever they found in the her husband’s closet before ceasing her phone. The two already coming face to face with a witness was even more sloppy, placing a call on her phone for someone to pick them up within hearing range of the woman.

There are a couple things that led to Ksoo being arrested, the first was the tattoos of one of his accomplices that broke into the woman’s home was visible. Upon a lineup of suspects based on her description, Dominique Barner would easily be identified and arrested for Home Invasion. He would foil Ksoo’s attempt to get away when he was caught on a wire by a confidential informant bragging about the murder and how it went down. Loose lips sink ships, and Ksoo was about to drown. https://youtu.be/NxlWIHbZ4Mo (3:04-3:20) Barner laid it all out over the wire, stating himself as the driver, that they found Lil Buck’s home and followed him to the Plaza with intent to kill him. Worst yet, homie laid out the feds entire case like he was a top detective, painting the scene like Picasso. Barner could be heard saying a rifle was left in the vehicle, but upon searching, the cops got more than they bargained for. They found not only an AR style rifle, but a handgun and a white T-shirt both of which when tested had DNA and hair from Ksoo linking him at the scene. Law enforcement got on the prowl, going to their trusty main tool for catching rappers lacking…Social media.

https://youtu.be/NxlWIHbZ4Mo (2:17-2:43) https://youtu.be/F9OBfBQVVWc (0:30-0:40) 

And sure enough they found all the extra evidence they need. News stations were broadcasting all of the findings to the case on his IG account, from pictures with firearms, a vid of a child singing his homie Ace song “KSO Homicide,” a vid of Lil Buck rapping with the caption “Byeeee byeeee,” and a vid of him at the nail salon with the caption “Kill a nigga than go get my toes done.” I kid you not, everything was out there on almost every news report. https://youtu.be/WSC17f896mc 


You’d think that after seeking revenge, getting it, and being lucky enough to escape, he’d lay low, but social media has become the place mordern day gangsters go to brag about their body count. Unlucky for Ksoo, that move cost him dearly https://youtu.be/yLiH-8of0Ig (11:58-12:04) Ksoo even re-enacted the hit in a feature on Ace’s song “ATK War” where he spits the lyrics “Oh shit, Ksoo’s steppin’/Two choppas and a four car, he ready/And two of his favorite convicted felons,” and “I fell in love with killing, I ain’t think about getting married/At round times two and three, and for you them choppas be yellin’/I stepped on all them boy for you, now beat their ass in heaven.” The lyrics reference Whitaker and Barner “And two of his favorite convicted felons,” and avenging his brother Boss Goon “I stepped on all them boy for you, now beat their ass in heaven.” https://youtu.be/3lZixpK6sVA 

The feds already had him in their sights, accumulating the evidence, but to put the icing on the cake, Barner was interviewed and he sang like Aretha Franklyn, confirming that Ksoo was in fact the one that hopped out the whip, chased Lil Buck and murked him with the pistol cops found in the vehicle, and confirmed that Ksoo carried out the hit as get back for Lil Buck making a song that dissed his dead brother Boss Goon. The news outlet twisted the information to seem that Ksoo’s father Abdul Robinson Sr. was along on the hit, but Barner clarified that the person him and Whitaker called at the woman’s house to come pick them up, was Abdul. That’s how he got tied in with Ksoo in the murder and being charged with accesory after the fact.

Ksoo just wasn’t meant to walk away from this one a free man. Everything worked against him. There was even a car cam on a vehicle in the area that caught the entire hit in 4K and house surveillance that shows Whitaker and Barner making their escape https://www.actionnewsjax.com/news/local/duval-county/police-still-searching-suspects-who-killed-jacksonville-man-held-woman-hostage-arlington/HKCGYR4MMJHO3BOHSL6JV25YYY/ (vid- 0:15-0:24) Cops had everything to swoop in and charge Ksoo for second degree murder. 

All four accomplishes face the max punishment of life behind bars, the fate that so many from the hood fall victim to. The cycle of death just keeps turning. Somewhere out there, allies of Lil Buck are plotting their get back, and if they succeed, Ksoo’s camp will return the favor. How will it end, no one knows, but ain’t gna be anything good for Ksoo given his current position. I’ll keep an eye on things and keep the gang updated as always with the latest in his case.

Insider Hotspot Youtube: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCRomM7ZedDRRo8bPBG8XuFA/videos

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