Former Member Of Controversial Girl Group Works Part-Time To Continue Her Idol Dream

Former Member Of Controversial Girl Group Works Part-Time To Continue Her Idol Dream

Current soloist Jeonyul recently created a new YouTube account, connecting with fans through vlogs posted that discuss her days as a member of the second-generation K-Pop group Stellar.

In her first vlog, she took viewers along as she retraced her daily schedule as a K-Pop trainee at her former company’s building in Gangnam. In her second vlog, she explains what truly happened before Stellar disbanded.

Jeonyul | @youlri_0320/Instagram

The group became primarily known for their “sexy” concepts, which many deemed controversial. Sadly, it was later revealed that in their six years as a group, the members were subjected to mistreatment at the hands of their company, with multiple members revealing they were tricked and pressured into creating content that was racier or sexier than they were comfortable with.

Some incidents left the members with traumas they continue to live with.

STELLAR | @official_stellar/Instagram

Jeonyul was part of the group’s debut line-up and remained with the group until she graduated with fellow OG member Gayoung in 2017, a year before the group, with only two members remaining, officially disbanded.

Following the conclusion of her contract, Jeonyul made her solo debut in 2020 with “MAMACITA” after raising funds through the crowdfunding site Makestar.

She made her first solo comeback in January 2022 with “Like It,” but hasn’t released any new music since.

In her vlog, Jeonyul revealed that she still wants to be an entertainer, and shared that she’s currently working a part-time job to make her dream happen.

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She reflected back on her days promoting with Stellar and admitted that she had a “strong desire” for the group to succeed, and revealed what happened that led her not to renew.

Jeonyul shared that “the company’s situation” and “internal conflict” led to an uneasy atmosphere toward the end of her contract.

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Although she wanted to continue with the group, and admitted it was difficult to leave, she felt she would have been “foolish” to renew. Jeonyul had also noticed that the company didn’t seem to want her to renew, adding to her conflicting feelings.

She added that she was also upset with the company CEO at the time, and all of these factors led her to decide not to renew. The decision was not made lightly, and Jeonyul shared that she was hurt she couldn’t conclude her time with the group properly.

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After deciding to graduate from the group, she revealed for the first time that she developed a panic disorder and struggled with insomnia, sharing she often cried in secret at her parents’ home.

She felt her “entire life had come to an end,” but ultimately decided that she would continue her career as a singer. Jeonyul emotionally shared that, even if her solo releases don’t become popular, it’s enough for her to stand on stage and continue to do what she loves.

Check out the full story in the video below:

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