Florida-based 38Afri Is Set To Blow Up The Rap Scene With Her Debut Video – ‘ice Pack’

Florida-based 38Afri Is Set To Blow Up The Rap Scene With Her Debut Video – ‘ice Pack’

Feisty and charismatic rapper 38Afri bursts through the gates of Hip Hop with her debut single and video – ‘Ice Pack‘. Enjoy the fun and adventurous world of this brand new artist as she cruises on the Miami coast, letting us know what she has to offer, from her swift flows and audacious wordplay to her unapologetic style. The track was recorded at Bay Eight Recording Studios in Miami, Florida, and produced by MsGibbz, with the goal to hype listeners up all around the globe. Looking for your next female rap fix to boost your energy and confidence? ‘Ice Pack‘ is the perfect pick for you, out now for all to enjoy.

38Afri‘s debut single, ‘Ice Pack,’ is a fierce introduction to her prowess in the rap game. With audacious wordplay and swift flows, 38Afri commands attention, leaving an indelible mark. The accompanying video, set against the vibrant Miami coast, enhances the track’s adventurous vibe. ‘Ice Pack‘ is a bold and empowering anthem, showcasing 38Afri‘s unapologetic style and undeniable talent. In the realm of Hip Hop, ‘Ice Pack‘ stands out as a dynamic and energetic debut that leaves a lasting impression.

Brand-new artist 38Afri has taken to the Florida scene like a moth to a flame, racking up attention with her impressive skill set and fearless demeanour. Growing up between the Caribbean and Florida has played a big role in her growth as an performer so far, and she credits her upbringing for igniting her passion for entertainment.

From playing musical instruments, writing poetry, freestyling, and being the life of the party, she has been crafting her artistry ever since she was a teenager, when she was known as Afri and was famous for her “fiery 38 degree temper”. Fans can expect the unexpected as she progresses forward. 38Afri refuses to limit herself to a single music genre and prefers to explore her sound based on her feelings in the heat of the moment. Versatile and upcoming, 38Afri’s future is looking bright – you won’t want to miss it.

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