Finding The Right Fit For Your Body Shape — Korean Analysts Give Tips Using BLACKPINK’s Jennie And ITZY’s Yuna As Examples

Finding The Right Fit For Your Body Shape — Korean Analysts Give Tips Using BLACKPINK’s Jennie And ITZY’s Yuna As Examples

Ever wondered why your pants never seem to look good on you? You could be dressed wrong for your body type. Women are widely divided into three types of lower body shapes. A Korean styling analyst called RoughNeckSeoul on YouTube explained how to tailor your clothing choices to your body type.

Comparing ITZY Yuna’s and BLACKPINK Jennie’s body types, you can easily figure out why Yuna suits slim-fit pants while Jennie looks better in wide-legged pants.

“The reason why Jennie wears wide pants while Yuna wears skinny pants.” | @roughneckseoul/Youtube

The first type of body type on the left is for women with wide hips that sit high on the body. The second is where the widest point of your hips are at the lower pelvis instead. The last body type as illustrated on the right, is for women with narrow hips.

| @roughneckseoul/Youtube

Shin Min Ah has the first body type. As such, she suits tight pants that sit higher on the waist. For the first body type, your waist can look short as your hips sit high on the body. As such, high-waisted pants can help elongate the body.

For that body type, wide pants are your enemy. Especially if the pants have a straight cut down to the ankles. The straight cut of the pants follows the wide hips, making the entire lower body look rectangular and wide.

For the second body type, it can be exemplified by ITZY’s Yuna. Yuna’s hips sit lower on the body compared to Shin Min Ah. As such, her torso is long and her slim waist looks even slimmer. She suits skinny jeans the most.

If you want to wear wide pants, make sure that your waist is revealed, and that the pants taper down to a tighter fit at the ankle.

Similar to Shin Min Ah’s case, Yuna does not suit straight cut pants for the same reason.

Last but not least, Jennie. With narrow hips and a slender body, she emphasizes her plus points by exposing her midriff.

Wide pants help to make her hips look wider. Pleated or pin tuck pants are especially useful for this.

Comparatively, when Jennie wears skintight shorts that end just below the pelvic bone, it only serves to emphasize her narrow hips. In the photo below, her shirt also ends right above the waistband, failing to highlight her slim upper body.

Of course, there are more than three body types in the world, and you could be a mix of a few. This analysis only serves to act as a guide to help you scour the market for your best-fitting pair of pants!

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