Cops Plot To Kill Ksoo’s Sister Exposed After They Beat Him In Jail?

Cops Plot To Kill Ksoo’s Sister Exposed After They Beat Him In Jail?

What up gang.

Back with the real you know what’s the deal. It’s all fun and games until the street life introduces you to the prison life. Rap has become filled with blood and death in lyrics that recreate beef and crimes on the street, and rappers have been going down left and right in the jail cell. ATK top hitta, Ksoo has been feeling the backlash of his alleged deeds and disrespectful drill music while locked behind bars. 

Now officers may have a target on his back, and attempted to assassinate his sister, abusing their power to make his life a living hell. Today we’re going to catch up on the Ksoo case, the recent beating by cops behind bars, and expose the possible hit put out by cops on his sister. Let’s chop it up and break it down.

Insider Hotspot Youtube:

The war between ATK and KTA have been going on for a minute and even though many have been trying to push both Yungeen Ace and Foolio to squash the war, from influencers to even kids in the city, it seems an agreement has yet to be reached given the bloodshed in each camp (2:21-2:50) (0:24-1:05) (0:06-0:45) (0:04-0:38) The bodies have piled so much that its getting even more difficult to achieve a cease fire. Both have lost people to the streets and to the jail system, but ATK head shooter and Ace’s right hand man Ksoo is one that has been feeling the consequences of the lifestyle in the worst way.

Currently the ATK savage is behind bars in relation to two murders involving the 2019 shooting of Andrian Gainer Jr. aka Bibby Osama (0:00-0:15)

and the 2020 hit of Charles McCormick aka Lil Buck (0:56-1:21)

Crazy thing is he went uncharged for Bibby’s murder for approximately 2 years before authorities gathered evidence to lay the charges. By that time, he was already in prison for the hit that took Lil Buck’s life. That paints a pretty clear picture of how dangerous he was, getting charged for murder when you’re already being charged for murder on a totally different case (0:46-1:08) 

Ksoo might have been partly to blame for getting himself hemmed up, well fully to blame if he murked a man and kid, but police caught him lacking after numerous self-snitching incidents. Ksoo seemed to brag online about his criminal deeds and cops didn’t slip in using them against him (1:43-2:27) (1:13-1:30)

I did a video on Ksoo breaking down info to these cases and how the shootings played out so check that out to see what lead up to the hits. Now that we know the backstory of how he’s in jail, let’s look at his situation behind bars since then, and man has he been going through it. KTA main opp, Julio Foolio was blasted for laughing sometime back saying that Ksoo was getting the beats behind bars and was called out by many for cappin’ and clout chasing

Given Bibby was his mans and he took his death hard as hell, Foolio could have just been kicking the opp responsible while he’s down 

But in October 2021 Ksoo’s grandmother filed an internal affairs complaint after the incident that saw her grandchild being roughed up by prison officers. The prison personnel responded denying any wrongdoing (1:11-1:20)

but video evidence would later surface showing a handcuffed Ksoo being pulled from his cell and struggling with a cop before another creeped up and suplexed the rapper to the floor 

With the cat out the bag, Jacksonville Sheriff’s Office Internal Affairs reported on the incident stating that Hakeem Robinson aka Ksoo refused to go back to his cell after shower and leisure time. This is where the story gets even more wild for a dude allegedly facing charges on two murders. The Sheriff’s office said that Ksoo got aggressive yelling to the officers that they’re always messing with him, and that he was going to have his people “take care of him.” Damn. 

Not only that but they allege he went as far as telling the officer “My people gonna kill you” when he was handcuffed and struggling outside his cell.

They then say that Ksoo made a gurgling noise as if he was going to spit and that’s when the full on resistance came and the second officer had to powerbomb him into the concrete floor to subdue Ksoo.

But wait, there’s more. Reports state that Ksoo, after nearly being tombstoned to hell, was still struggling with officers and threatened to kill the officer once he’s out of jail, saying, “I’ve killed people before, I’ll do it again.” (1:21-1:51)

Gah damn they make Ksoo sound like a cold-blooded savage, but cross-referencing with his music and doing things like releasing an album cover with his dead opps, can you really give them wrong? (1:48-2:11)

There’s nothing like a mother’s love for her child, and sure enough she popped up on the news to fight for her son, not only disgusted on how he’s being treated behind bars (0:44-1:10)  but painting a totally different image of her baby boy saying, and I quote, “He’s a loveable child. He’s outgoing. He’s fun. He’s outgoing, goofy. He’s a sweet person.” (2:13-2:33)

With Ksoo going through it, his homie Ace tried to shed light on the situation dropping his latest single “Off The Record” where he references scenes from the jail clip with Ksoo multiple times in the music video while rapping on the incident (0:25-0:30) (1:13-1:23) (1:43-1:48)

At the end of the track he included a children’s book about the case created by Ksoo’s lawyer, Christopher DeCoste (0:16-0:41) Yes, you heard right, a children’s book. Truth is it’s kind of a brilliant move. It takes the prosecution’s case of how Ksoo was identified as the shooter by height and size, and mocks it with facts that contradict,showing those descriptions can ever fit Ksoo (2:57-3:50)

One thing’s for certain, his lawyer is good at what he does. That’s the first time I’ve seen a stunt like that. The prosecution intends to do a body scan of Ksoo to get his body dimensions to compare it to a surveillance video of the alleged shooter to show it fits him, but Ksoo’s lawyer is doing his best to throw a wrench in that plan (17:25-19:14)

But within all this, there seems to be something much darker about how Ksoo is being treated behind bars and may involve a plot by law enforcement to target and eliminate key members of his family.

Ksoo’s mom claims that he called her and family members about the officer who angle slammed him stating that the officer was not only threatening him saying he’s going to rearrange his face, but also threatened his sister saying, and I quote “your sister is dead.”

Now at first, this might all seem like propaganda to try get out of prison on bias towards him by officers, but…check this. That exact day that he claims the officer told him that, his sister, 31-year-old Karenna Robinson was shot in the face. Luckily she survived, but her jaw was dang near blown off.

Trigger warning: 

if you can’t take blood and gore look away from the vid for a few seconds because the picture of her gunshot wound I’m about to show is gruesome

The story began taking a very ominous turn. With this new information, it turns out that the grandmother also included this in her original complaint letter when she found out about his treatment behind bars. The complaint also revealed that Ksoo had broken his wrist from the piledriver received from the cop

The news finally broke, detailing the situation connected to the officer allegedly telling Ksoo his sis about to be murked.

Reports state that around the same time Ksoo was cuffed and hit with the Tripple H Pedigree

in Duval County jail, his sis, Karenna Robinson was shot in the face by an alleged bail bondsman at Avenues Mall. Officers were dispatched to the mall for the shooting on Oct. 5 at about 8 p.m. and the time on the surveillance video of Ksoo’s jail altercation occurs on the same day at about 7:45 p.m. Scarily timed, right? Like it was really planned.

The report further continued, stating that witnesses told officers they saw two males approaching two women at the mall and the women dropped their belongings and fled in an unknown vehicle. A witness told police before the women fled, “she stated she heard some sort of ‘popping’ sound but did not witness anyone being shot.”

Ksoo’s sis then reportedly fled the area with a female friend who transported her to Memorial Hospital for care with her jaw bone blown off. Her sister Shea Robinson told First Coast News. “She had a tracheostomy to help her breathe.” It’s crazy she survived. Ksoo’s family tough as hell.

What makes this story even more plausible, is that the heavily redacted police report states that the bondsman returned to the scene and told officers that he had been pursuing Ms. Robinson for some time due to the outstanding warrants and skipping bond with his agency. According to Duval County Clerk of Court records, the warrants were related to crimes that included a couple dozen failures to appear in court, tampering with a monitoring device, and felony theft charges.

Check this, the bondsman was let go scot-free and the Police refused to release his name or the company he worked with. Hmmm right?

After the possible failed assassination, Ksoo’s sis was treated at the hospital and booked into Duval County jail right along with her father, Abdul Robinson, and two brothers, Hakeem Robinson aka Ksoo and Abdul Robinson Jr.

Cops label the family as a violent drug trafficking organization known as ATK aka Ace’s Top Killers and is led by Ksoo’s pops, Abdul Robinson (1:21-1:35) (2:34-2:48)

Ksoo’s situation might be a part of the justice system’s new, unorthodox method of serving justice to who they think is ruining the city of Jacksonville (1:17-1:41) The beef has been littered with bloodshed and it’s only a matter of time before the law gets aggressive with their attempts. As it stands, it seems Ksoo has a rough path ahead, both to prove his innocence and if he can’t, then to survive behind bars with cops allegedly on his head.

So there you have it. Thanks for kicking it with yah boy, appreciate the love and support. I’ll be sure to update with another video when new info from the case comes up. Catch ya’ll in the next one. Peace up and peace out.

Insider Hotspot Youtube:

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