Can You See Your Spotify Wrapped From Past Years?

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As it gets closer to the end of the year, Spotify users wait to see just exactly what songs and artists will make the top of their annual Spotify Wrapped lists. For those who don’t know, to close out the holiday season, Spotify gives all users a list of their most-played statistics — designed in an entertaining format. Last year also saw some new features, including giving individual users their “Listening Personality Type.”

For new users or those who just might want to see what they enjoyed in years past, here’s what to know about if you can see old Spotify Wrapped editions.

While you won’t exactly be able to see the old Spotify Wrapped pop-up from past years unless you screenshotted it and saved it somewhere, users can see their “Top Songs” playlist for each year, going several years back — but only if you chose to save your Wrapped list as one at the time.

Since Spotify only started doing the annual Wrapped drops in 2016, users won’t be able to see anything before that in terms of data. However, six years (going on seven for 2023) of knowing your favorites is still a special treat, making it fun to look back on the songs you loved.

Right now, Spotify users should see their new ones by next month.

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