Bigjudo: The Alien Artist from Jupiter Chicago


From the eclectic neighborhoods of Jupiter Chicago emerges a unique figure in the music industry: Bigjudo. A name that commands attention and a personality that defies norms, Bigjudo is not your typical artist. With a style that’s as distinctive as his name, he’s making waves and reshaping the musical landscape.

Bigjudo’s journey into music is a heartfelt homage to his past. As a child, he watched Michael Jackson perform alongside his mother. That experience served not just as entertainment but as an inspiration—an inspiration that would later fuel his own artistic journey. “Watching Michael Jackson perform with my mother when I was a kid—that was the first thing I can remember that made me want to be an artist,” Bigjudo recalls.

When asked what sets him apart from other artists, Bigjudo responds with a laugh, “I’m different.” This difference is not just a claim; it’s evident in his music and his persona. Bigjudo’s style doesn’t conform to the traditional paradigms of the music world. He’s an outsider—an alien, if you will.

His favorite lyric underscores this sentiment, a verse from one of his own songs: “Can’t be spotted by Men in Black, I’m an alien. No, I’m not a crazy man but, b*tch, I’m an alien. I came here in a UFO. I showed up just with my soul. My human friend gave me clothes. I blessed them back with my flows.” In just a few lines, Bigjudo encapsulates his unique perspective, his outsider status, and his reciprocal relationship with his fans and friends.

Bigjudo isn’t just an artist—he’s a creative force, a unique voice, and most importantly, an individual who embraces his difference. His journey from a child inspired by Michael Jackson to an ‘alien’ artist is not just intriguing but also inspiring. It’s a reminder that music isn’t about fitting in—it’s about voicing your unique perspective, no matter how ‘alien’ it might be.

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