4 Creepy Sasaeng Encounters, Exposed By A Famous Third-Generation Idol

4 Creepy Sasaeng Encounters, Exposed By A Famous Third-Generation Idol

Pledis Entertainment‘s five-member group NU’EST was active for ten years and rose in popularity in the last five. Because of that fame, they encountered “really bad” situations with sasaengs (obsessive fans). During a guest appearance for the Korean Pizza Club podcast, Aaron (formerly Aron) shared four of his creepiest moments with these particular “fans.”

Aaron | Pledis Entertainment

1. Tailing His Car

Rather than respecting NU’EST’s privacy, sasaengs would tail the members’ cars after their schedules. Aaron said, “When I drive back home from work, even nowadays, I always make sure there’s no car tailing me. No car following me.

“Korean Pizza Club” host David Kim, Aaron, and former BTL member Joel.

These fans were so obsessive that they followed NU’EST to their homes. Even years after they disbanded, Aaron still keeps his eyes peeled for these stalkers. He said, “If I think there’s a car following me, I’ll go around my house, a few blocks around my area, to make sure they’re not following me.

2. Gate Stalking

Sadly, sasaengs don’t need to follow idols home to find out where they live. When Aaron and former BTL member Joel were roommates, they found a stalker waiting outside their house.

I had a CCTV [camera] staring at the front gate, and there was a lady. Do you remember? Just standing at the front gate. I was like, ‘What is she doing there?’

— Aaron

And when they attempted to confront her, “she ran away.” To this day, Aaron still doesn’t “know how she found that address.

3. Hiding In Stairways

NU’EST’s sasaengs went above and beyond to get close to them, sharing an experience that would creep anyone out. Aaron recalled the five of them living in a dorm on the seventeenth floor of an apartment building and getting a nasty surprise. He revealed, “There have been times when fans would be waiting in the stairway of the apartment.

4. Parking Lots

Making the situation even more stressful for Aaron, he shared the multiple times when sasaengs camped out in their dorm’s parking lot just to stalk them. Whether it was inside or outside of their dorm, NU’EST couldn’t catch a break from stalkers.

There were times where fans were waiting in the parking lot of the apartment. That really stressed me out a lot. It’s just the lack of privacy.

— Aaron

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